The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, October 31, 2014

Catch up

We taught our mothers classon Thursday.  It is always such a blessing to teach these spiritually dynamic women.  They all have active busy children. We made our Costco run after class. You don't just run to the store around here unless you want to pay for the convience.  When we go to the temple we can stop at Wal Mart after because it is not to far away. When we teach our mothers on King street we can run by Costco. So you make a list. I was sad yesterday that Costco did not sale chocolate milk. I wanted some for our refreshments on Sunday after the CES devotional. I may have to go to Trader Joes around the corner ouch. We came back into the center and answered emails. We went home just after 5 because the wash needed to be done. You know that is the case when you run out of underwear. We also got the idea to make cookies for all the doors on our floor. We have met about 4 people on our floor. We wanted them to know who we were. We also made a huge tray for the front desk.

We have two trays like this one. One is for refreshments on Sunday.

We made about 24 little bags we could hang on the doors of our neighbors.
This is what the note said.

 We hung them out on the doors for our neighbors this after noon. We didn't get to bed until after 11 so I didn't blog yesterday.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


We got up and left before exercise and our scriptures study.  We were told that they were going to show Meet the Mormons at 8:30.  We were not going to go to the transfer meeting but we really wanted to see the church's new movie Meet the Mormons.  Saturday we had tried to see if it was playing any place close to us and found out that the closest theater was 95 miles away so when we heard the mission was going to play it at the temple visitor center we wanted to go. It is wonderful by the way.  It was great.  We got there at 8:15 but the meeting didn't start until 9:00.  We had an appointment with the physicality manager of our building at 1:30.   So we had limited time and they didn't show the movie first but last.
I can't drive up to this temple without it taking away my breath.  You can't see it very well but there is a man next to the second spire on the right.

They had our mission photo up on the screen.

It was a very enjoyable meeting.  The missionaries leaving get to bear their testimonies.  I was really impressed with one elder.  He said that the reason he went on a mission was because his girl friend wouldn't marry him if he didn't.  He had a companion that told him one day the reason you came is not important.  The reason you stayed is what is important.  He said he stayed because he loved the Lord and the people and the work.  Two couples were going home also.

President Cook said it matters how you leave the mission and how you continue to  live the gospel.  He quoted 2 Nephi 31:20.  He reminded the students that is wasn't President Monson hastening the  work,  It was the Lord hastening his work.  He said what you do when no one is watching determines if you keep the Spirit.

President Cook is a three star general.  I love a saying he has that he tells the missionaries.  Charlie Mike means in military terms make the the mission happen.  It means never giving up until you have completed the mission and hearing the words Mike Charlie: Mission complete. They also say this mission is the best mission in the history of life.  President said it is one thing to say we are the best it is another to live it.  I am really impressed with Sister Cook as well.

We bolted the meeting and headed for the Barlow Center so we could make our meeting.  We got a text that we were not going to have the meeting.  So we headed to the store to get things for the refreshments we are bringing for the CES devotional Sunday evening.  On the way home we got a call that the meeting was on.  He got there about 20 minutes late but we had a great meeting.  After we had to get the center set up for the program they had tonight on Women in Politics.

1.      Bobbie Kilberg is a Republican operative who has worked for Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush. She is a graduate of Yale Law School.  She worked on Mitt Romney campaign.  She said I wish he would run again but I don't think he will.  She was such an impressive woman.  She said a woman needs to be with their children.  You can't do it all but then she gave some wonderful advice on how young women could get involved.  

3.    Susannah Wellford
President and Founder, Running Start

Over the past 14 years, Susannah Wellford has founded two organizations designed to raise the political voice of young women in America. In the spring of 2007, Wellford founded Running Start to inspire young women and girls to political leadership. Running Start furthers the work begun by the Women Under Forty Political Action Committee (WUFPAC), which Wellford co-founded in 1999 and led for the first five years. WUFPAC is a national women’s group dedicated to electing young women to political office. Wellford speaks frequently to colleges, law schools, political groups, trade associations and nonprofits about the importance of involving more young women in politics. She has also lectured about politics to many international groups, including women from Kuwait, Southeast Asia, Korea.

When we have special meeting in the building we have to stay in the building and monitor who comes in and out of the building.  We cleaned up the garbage and chairs.  So we left this morning at 7:15 and we got home tonight at 9:45. Hopefully we can work on our next lesson tomorrow after we teach our Thursday class.  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


We have been going all day. This will be brief because it is 10:16 and we are ready to go to bed. We had a staff meeting this morning. Our S and I coordinator is back in town. It was a great meeting and I believe that we have the same vision.  We are excited to work with Brother Cottle.  After our meeting we headed to the temple. I wanted to get some rolls for our class tonight and I didn't want to take a loan out to go to the corner maket.  Lisa sent Elder Anthony some names that need to have temple work done.  There were 15 names. The temple always gives you 5 to do. They had me do 6 initiaories. I waited for Elder Anthony in front of the huge mural in the lobby.  It is the picture of the Savior's return. Did you know the Washington temple is in that picture. I ended up sitting there read the scriptures for well over an hour. Finally elder Anthony came out looking like a drowned rat.  He was the only patron so he did all 15 names. That was wonderful. We made our Wal Mart run and then had a little dinner at home and headed over to finish our preparation for class tonght. I was sad that our class was smaller than last week but the class went well. The soup and rolls went over GREAT.  One young lady Andrea came for the first time. When I told her I hoped we would see her again she said probably not I work late but I asked to get off early and I am so glad I came. She said the class was wonderful and the soup was so good.  She had not eaten since morning and she didn't have time to go home to eat before classes.  It makes the extra effort worth it when you see how hungry these kids are.

Monday, October 27, 2014


There has to be opposition and today was one of those. We went to teach on Capital Hill today and we took in extra food today because we didn't have enough last week. We only had two students show up. That was disappointing. We had a good class but we had a ton of extra food. Elder Anthony slept wrong on his kneck and it was so swore today that he was really miserable all day.  He even had a bad head ache withit. We still worked until after 5 but we decided not to go back for family home evening. I made a big pot of soup for class tomorrow. Hopefully we will be more productive tomorrow. This was kind of a dull day.  I had to handle a surprise booking of the Barlow Center.  I had to get our coordinator out of his class room for the women in politics meeting. That meeting will happen on Wednesday evening.  We are suppose to know about these and have them scheduled.  I hopefully handled everyone okay.  Our coordinator was really cool about it.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Going to Church is an adventure. We left early last week and got mixed up getting off of the metro and walked for a half hour trying to find the building. We finally went back to the metro and got our bearings and got to church 10 minutes late but they hadn't started the meeting. Today we decided to use the bus. We were going to drop off a check in the night drop off the bank and then catch the bus in front of the bank. The bank after hour drop off was closed. Today they had a 10 K race and blocked off the bus route. Once again we walked for about a half hour to get to where the buses were picking up and had to wait 15 minutes for one to come. Once again we barely got there before Church started. When you leave at 9:30 to get to church at 11:00'and have a missionary meeting after church and travel 40 minutes to get home your day passes quickly. We invited 4 more Barlow students to dinner at 4:00 and we walked into the codo at 3:55. I am grateful for a crockpot that had most of the work done.

The spiritual part of the day was hearing about Trina's experience getting her patriarchal bless today. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. Thanks Trina for allowing us to fast with you and letting us be a part of this special occasion. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

We played tourist this afternoon

We worked this morning getting our lesson ready for Monday.  We left about 1:30 to be a tourist.  We went to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. We had a great time.  I am amazed that they keep these museums free.  Here are some of the things we saw.
We saw the Hope Diamond today.  It is a deep blue 45.52 caret diamond.  It is suppose to be the most famous diamond in the world. 

Elder Anthony standing in the jaws of a shark.

Andrew Jackson. 

I am always surprised to come upon buildings that you have heard about for ever. 

We bumped into the white house today. 

We try to take the Metro when ever possible.  It is so hard to drive around the city.  

This is the Foggy Bottom Metro stop.  We use it all the time. 

Take a tour of our world.

I will take you on a tour of our little world.
This is our bedroom. 

Elder Anthony's side of the closet.  You don't have to decided which white shirt you want to wear because they are all the same. 

Also in our room.

Our bed.  We haven't slept on a queen sized bed since we were married.  We have had a king size bed for years. 

Hall way out of our bedroom

Our cute little bathroom.

Notice it is done in red white and blue. 

Second half bath. 

This looks like a fireplace but it is a free standing box thing. 

Dining room.

Sitting area.


Our little washer and dryer is in the doors on the right. 

This is the doors to the study.

These are shelves in the study.

This bed is in the little study.  It is pretty tight in there..

We are at the end of the hall way so we have to walk to the elevators. 

Outside the elevators.

Sitting area in the front entrance of our condos. 

There is a guard inside the front entrance.  The door is always locked and you have to use your key to get in.  

We live in the Westridge.

This is the front our our condo building.  We have our room on the back side facing the garbage.  

We just have to walk across the street and we are at work.

The front of the Barlow Center.

Front entrance of the Barlow Center.  They will be redoing this entrance while we are here.  

This is the class room we teach in on Tuesday nights. 

We have a kitchen we can cook in at the center. 

All out side doors have picture monitors.  You are to check what is going on outside before you just open the doors.  The building remains locked at all times.  

These are the Barlows who made this center possible. 

There our two floors with offices.  The one above us if for public relations. This is the hall our offices are in. 

Elder Anthony's office. 

Sister Anthony's office. 

We have a library for the students to work in. 

These stair cases are evidence that the building is very old.  The kids say it feels like they are living in a church building because the carpets and walls are like any ward building.  When the students are gone I will take a picture of their living area. 

Small kitchen in the basement.

That is a dead coach roach.  I am glad he is dead. 

A rec room for the students.

As you can see we are comfortable.  There are some quirks in the condo but it is comfortable and we are very safe and happy. The Barlow Center is a great place to work at.  We are surrounded by wonderful people that are trying to move the Lord's work  forward. 

We get one parking spot under the building.  I wondered what these little black boxes were.  I have never seen rat traps before.