The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, October 24, 2014

Central City

Tonight we we rode the Metro to a inner part of the city in the poor area. We got an email that a mission couple in our area have been called to start a young adult center more in the inner city. The McKinleys are on their third mission. They started a young adult center in Chili and India.   Elder Anthony knew both of their mission presidents.  They have an old ward house that has set empty for a couple of years.  They have cleaned it up and they are using it for a gathering place for young adults. Some are single mothers and young people that are not comfortable with the well educated rising professionals in our ward.  I feel like we are working on the same mission.  The McKinleys are trying to provide a social environment we are trying to get young adults to institute for spiritual environment. They were having a movie night tonight with popcorn and treats. We met five young people that had come. None of them were enrolled in instutute.  There is a chance in January that we will be teaching at the center.  They want to have an English and a Spanish class going at the same time and then have the students hang out together after the class. It will be interesting to see what happens.  

We found Walgreens last night and I got a flu shot. Glad to get that done. 

This is the view we have from our condo. We don't have very great views from our windows. We do get to watch garbage trucks.

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