The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Computer up and going

My computer would not hook up to the projector for our Tuesday class. Today we tried to get things moved to another computer for our class today. This Thursday class I a very interesting class.  Four mothers come together with their kids for an institute class. There spouses are law students. One of the mothers could not make it so we had three mothers and 7 toddlers. When the kids needs to go potty you just take them. We teach in a ward in the nursery room so the kids can play while the mothers try to learn. You would almost think that was a waist of time but the spirit was so strong and they were so hunger to learn and share. One mother Marie has been coming for three years. Another mother drives for an hour to come to class.  It was the noisiest class I have ever taught with kids running around and fighting and crying but I have also never taught a class were the students wanted to learn.  I mentioned that we should try to get more out but if we had more kids that could almost get impossible to teach.

We stopped at Best Buy to get an adapter for the computer but it still would not work.  We got a hold of HP and one of the support guys spent over 45 minutes with us but he got our computer working right. That was such a blessing it made both of our day.

I heard back from Deseret Book today about my book.  They are not interested in printing it. I should hear back from Cedar Fort soon.  

Here are some pictures I couldn't get to post last night.

The Washington temple has a huge mural of this picture in color in the front enterance.  It is huge.  I wanted to sit down and just look at it but we were in a hurry.

We had a tornado warning yesterday. The street were rivers of water.  I was worried about the car especially when I felt the water rubbing under the undercarriage. 

Beautiful Washington Temple.


  1. You're a great teacher! Those law-wife moms need all the boosting up they can get.

  2. Well, that's Deseret Book's loss. I am anxious to hear what Cedar Fort has to say about it. I hope you remember mom that no matter what the outcome, it has already been a success.