The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day 3 at the MTC

Guess what happens at the MTC on Wednesday?
Hint:  this sidewalk is a line of missionaries with suitcases.

There are lines of cars driving in the front. 

You guessed.  The new missionaries arrive.  They come with their name tags and an orange dot.  Some look a little frightened.  

Those that have been there awhile are enjoying a P-day in the gym.  The night before this gym was set up for Tuesday night devotional.  That was a quick transformation.  

I had a friend send me this cool picture of this monument from the St. George Visitor center.  We were talking about the plan of salvation today.  We practiced teaching some investigators today.  Our couple were pretty tuff.  Tomorrow we  teach the plan of salvation to some willing volunteers.  It made me think of this picture.  It shows an old lady going through the veil to the next life and coming through young and in the arms of the Lord.   


  1. I'm learning so much about the MTC. Good for you keeping such a great record.

  2. I volunteered after my mission a lot to help the missionaries who were learning Spanish. I wish I were in the area and could volunteer to be taught by you now. I don't miss that first day in the MTC.