The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Last Day in MTC

  Today, we had a session with Brother and Sister Bird who are the couple responsible for CES missionary callings.  (Identifying - not calling)  There were a number of eye openers that were presented to us today.  One of the most important is that the number of missionary couples is down 300 from one year ago.  This has put the Brethren in a difficult position where they are having to prioritize the callings that are becoming available because of releases and also new positions requested by stake presidents, mission presidents, area authorities, etc.  The fact that we are going where we are going means that the call we have received is on the priority list.  This also complicates the decisions that a Mission President needs to make with the couples assigned to his mission.
     The needs of the mission dictates where a mission president may assign a couple to work even though they may be called to a CES mission, like we were.  If the mission president needs help in the mission office he may have you working in the mission office.  We must remember that he can assign us wherever he has a need.  
     That being said, while we were sitting in our training today I received a cell phone call.  This is the first call I have received while we at the MTC (and the first one I have taken).  The call was from Sister Colson, the sister assigned to the mission office (along with her husband), in Washington DC mission office.  She wanted to know where we were.  They (I don't know who "They" are) were expecting us to be in Washington DC by now.  Sister Colson wanted to know if something had gone wrong and if they could help.  I informed her that we were stil in the MTC, as a matter of fact we were in the middle of training.  Her comment was "We just wanted to see if you needed any help." Written by Elder Anthony 

One of the commitments I liked was, go on a mission and get out of the way so the Lord can bless your family.

The MTC is so amazing. We are so pumped and ready to go serve.


  1. Amen. I liked that last statement. Our family was blessed abundantly in our absence. In fact, we feel like we need to be planning ahead for our next service assignment so we can be worthy of those continued blessings.

  2. That is sad to see the numbers are down that much with couple missionaries. I hope people were prompted over conference to get going!