The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, October 20, 2014


We taught up on the hill today. This is the building we teach in
This is one of three buildings that congress have there officesin.  The room we have been permitted to use is

The room is like a beautiful high council room. I took pictures of the inside. 

These are the books in the room.

There is a picture of Lincoln on the wall and a picture of Mount Rushmore.

After class one of our students took us to this room.

This would have been one of the rooms that Pres. Benson spent time testifying in when he was secretary over agriculture.

 I told you last week that there is a since of patriotism when you walk down the hall. For each congressional deligate there is an American flag and his or her state flag outside their door.

We also passed the following door.

Behind that door there is a lot of power and important decision made.

We returned back to the Barlow center and had time to grab lunch and get to a staff meeting with our S&I (seminary and institute corridinator).  We worked on our lesson for our D&C class tomorrow night at the Barlow Center. We went home to eat and came back for FHE and had our first building problem. The back door leading to the allie would not lock.  After calling everyone and not getting any action tonight Elder Anthony tied the door shut.  Even while he was securing the door we had a crazy homeless guy out yelling obsenities. Well it is 9:20 and the emails are out to get action on the building the kids are secure and safe for the night and we are going home.


  1. It looks like a prestigious place as you walk those hallways.

  2. I always love living in the United States, but I forget how great it is some times. You can't help but feel patriotic when you are in DC.

  3. I would have been scared myself to stay in the Barlow Center without the door to the alley way locking. I am glad to hear the students were safe.