The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Thursday, October 2, 2014

MTC Day 4

If you would ask what makes the MTC so wonderful this would be the answer, the people, the spirit and the food. The MTC has a special conduit to heaven.  The spirit is so strong and revelation comes easily.  Today in our practice teaching experience the man we were practicing on shared an experience he had when he had a near death experience.  He died just after he got to the hospital with a heart attack and felt his spirit leave his body and he watched the doctors working on him. He saw that the machine measuring his heart rate went straight and he saw his wife coming to the hospital.  He saw a light and knew there were people waiting for him to come.  He also felt his spirit enter his body again and he said I didn't want to go back and it hurt so bad to go back into my body. He said I have no fear of death. I don't think he shares this story readily but the spirit was so strong while we were teaching him that we were all in tears.  We left our experience so edified.  Dave and I are learning to teach together and to work as a team.
There are 40 couples that came to the MTC this week.  That is about the average number.  They have had twice that amount.  

This is our district.  Dave is the district leader.  One of our afternoon teachers Sister McAdams is with us.  

This is the Easter and Lester Cheshire.  They are doing an MLS mission to their home stake in St. George, Utah. 

This is James and Norma Arritt.  They are doing an MLS mission to Wichita, Kansas. They are from Virgina.  They are both converts to the church.  They have such a great spirit.  

This is Barbara and Russell Glen.  They are doing a mission to Birmingham, Alabama.  They are working with the young people in the arm service.  He is retired from the military.  I couldn't help that think they will make a huge impact on the young people.  They carry such a sweet spirit.  They are from Wellsville, Utah. 

Sister Fisher is one of our morning instructor. She served at the visitor center in Salt Lake. 

Brother Tuescher our other morning instructor.  He served in Brazil. We love our teachers.  They are great. 
We eat our lunch each day at the cafeteria.  It is HUGE.  I was hoping you could get a perspective from this picture but you can't. The hall turns at the end and keeps going.  It is easily as large as a football field.  The missionaries can eat as much as they want.  You have six or more choices of a main meal with salads and fruit and deserts. They have anything you could think of to drink. All sodas are caffeine free.  I am actually glad we don't eat breakfast and dinner there.  I would gain 10 pounds in one week.  I can't even begin to imagine how much food is consumed there.   They get the missionaries fed in record time.

One of the touching experience in the cafeteria occurred on Monday.  I heard a scream and then laughing and crying.  I looked over and a older couple were hugging and everyone was crying as they held this young elder in their arms.  It was their grandson.  I thought wow I think I know how it will feel to see my grandparents again someday.  What a happy reunion.  Today we went to the temple.  We are working on some family history cards of Adam's step mom.  I ran into a sister from our Cherry Village Ward, Alison Butterfield.  She started crying which made me cry when she saw me.  She was semi active when I lived in the ward.  It was so great to see her perform as a temple worker and administer some great blessings to me.  


  1. Looks like a fun district. The MTC is a well-oiled machine!

  2. That is so neat that you saw sister butterfield in the temple! Believe me, I know how easy it was to gain weight in the MTC. You were never hungry and every time turned around they were feeding you again.