The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Take a tour of our world.

I will take you on a tour of our little world.
This is our bedroom. 

Elder Anthony's side of the closet.  You don't have to decided which white shirt you want to wear because they are all the same. 

Also in our room.

Our bed.  We haven't slept on a queen sized bed since we were married.  We have had a king size bed for years. 

Hall way out of our bedroom

Our cute little bathroom.

Notice it is done in red white and blue. 

Second half bath. 

This looks like a fireplace but it is a free standing box thing. 

Dining room.

Sitting area.


Our little washer and dryer is in the doors on the right. 

This is the doors to the study.

These are shelves in the study.

This bed is in the little study.  It is pretty tight in there..

We are at the end of the hall way so we have to walk to the elevators. 

Outside the elevators.

Sitting area in the front entrance of our condos. 

There is a guard inside the front entrance.  The door is always locked and you have to use your key to get in.  

We live in the Westridge.

This is the front our our condo building.  We have our room on the back side facing the garbage.  

We just have to walk across the street and we are at work.

The front of the Barlow Center.

Front entrance of the Barlow Center.  They will be redoing this entrance while we are here.  

This is the class room we teach in on Tuesday nights. 

We have a kitchen we can cook in at the center. 

All out side doors have picture monitors.  You are to check what is going on outside before you just open the doors.  The building remains locked at all times.  

These are the Barlows who made this center possible. 

There our two floors with offices.  The one above us if for public relations. This is the hall our offices are in. 

Elder Anthony's office. 

Sister Anthony's office. 

We have a library for the students to work in. 

These stair cases are evidence that the building is very old.  The kids say it feels like they are living in a church building because the carpets and walls are like any ward building.  When the students are gone I will take a picture of their living area. 

Small kitchen in the basement.

That is a dead coach roach.  I am glad he is dead. 

A rec room for the students.

As you can see we are comfortable.  There are some quirks in the condo but it is comfortable and we are very safe and happy. The Barlow Center is a great place to work at.  We are surrounded by wonderful people that are trying to move the Lord's work  forward. 

We get one parking spot under the building.  I wondered what these little black boxes were.  I have never seen rat traps before.  


  1. WOW!! Your apartment is so luxurious -- even washer and dryer in your apartment...and a fireplace, a second bedroom, etc. It's about 4 times bigger than ours was in Jerusalem. Your offices look really nice also. You are definitely in generous housing for DC.

  2. Great tour! Looks like you have everything you need. Its nice its so close to where you go each day.

  3. The cockroaches are so familiar as well. You bring back a lot of memories of my mission, except our apartments were never that nice.