The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, November 17, 2014

Cold rainy day

I never know what to expect at our Monday class on the hill.  You never know how many will be able to come.  We decided to just buy Subway sandwiches for the class today.  On the way up we ran into four Elders that were on their P-day.  One of the Elders had been in our class before.  He asked if we were teaching today.  He talked all the Elders into going to our class today.  Good thing we had not yet bought the sandwiches because two sandwiches would not fee four hungry Elders.  We only had two of our regular class members come but one brought a friend that was a non-member so the Elders were a great addition to the class and we had a great class today.

We came back and worked all afternoon on the business for the Barlow Center.  Elder Anthony was trying to get the keys for the room lined up with the right room number.  I know this doesn't make sense but in the past the code number didn't match the room number and Elder Anthony has figured out how to fix that.  We had a meeting over the phone with the director of the center at BYU.  I have a group that is using the center on Friday.  A group that wants to use the center in the spring and a young lady that wants us to store some of her things until she comes to the Barlow Center in January.  I also want to change our pacing guide for our classes.

We headed over to the Barlow Center for family home evening but we had forgotten that Bishop was coming in to do tithing settlement. Instead we had a nice visit with his wife.

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  1. I can't believe you have had so many problems with those keys. I hope the problems have all been worked out now!