The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, November 28, 2014

Day Off

Yesterday was a very tiring day.  Maybe the day wasn't so hard, maybe it is age catching up with us.  We decided we needed a day off today.  We had a package that needed to be mailed back so we walked up to the post office to mail it.  Then we stopped at  George Town Cupcake for our free cupcake.  I think I explained that each day at 9:50 they post a flavor of the day on their facebook.  If you are one of the first 100 there you get a free cupcake if you ask for it by name.  The deal goes one hour.  The post office is just a little ways from DC cupcake so we stopped in for the featured cupcake, chocolate dipped cookies and cream.  They are very good but I would not pay $3.25 for a cupcake ever.  We took the bus to Macy's Department store to check out their black Friday deals.  We got a new bed spread for our bed that matches the chair we got.  It was a great deal $19.99.  That was 70% off.  I also got a roasting pan cheap that I will leave at the Barlow Center.  We had nothing to cook the turkey in yesterday and had to go to Walmart for a tin foil pan.  I bought two tin foil pans so I could save one for another occasion.  They are so cheap that  the one that we were using got a small hole in it and it was leaking in the oven so I had to use the second one to keep it from leaking and so I could lift out the turkey without the pan falling apart.  We had fun just looking at the great deals.  We rode the bus home and decided to see where it turned around so we could be let off across the street from our condo instead of getting out sooner and walking a couple of blocks.  It was a fun ride.

Yesterday we got to talk to Lisa, Crystal and Michael's family.  Today we talked to Justin and David.  I am so glad we got to catch up on everyone's activities.  It was cold outside today so  we were happy to come home and eat left overs.  My knee has bursitis and it just keeps getting worse.  I have an appointment Jan 19th to see a doctor but I have been wondering how I am going to make it until then.  Believe it or not when I lay down at night it is hurts so bad.  The mission doctor gave me  three names.  I called the first doctor because she looked like the same kind of doctor as my doctor in Provo.  But she could not get me in until Jan 19th.  I decided today to just try the second doctor who is an orthopedic joint specialist and see if he could see me sooner.  I really need a cortisone shot.  He can see me next Thursday.  I took the appointment but we teach at that time but I really need to get the shot so I will see if the S&I coordinator will let me cancel the class.

We have some students coming over in a minute so I will close this off for tonight.  

Who would think cupcakes would be such a big business? 

There are so many unusual buildings in DC.  Elder Anthony likes this building. 

There are signs of the Christmas season everywhere. 

Our new bedspread.  See how well it matches the chair. 

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  1. Looks like you had a much needed fun day. I hope your knee can be corrected ASAP.