The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday's Adventures

We left this morning to join the interns in the Cannon Building.  We met with Congressman Jim Matheson.  It was a a fascinating meeting.  I loved listening to him.  He said a few things that impressed me.  He followed right along with the Church counsel when he said don't vote party lines.  Vote for people not parties.  He said don't rush into judgement think for yourself.  He said that 40% of the Twitter message you get are bots.  That is man made response based on words that you may have written.  He said we are getting spun all the time by the news media.  It is very hard to get good information.  He ended this question and answer period with this statement.  It would be great if every American could spend sometime in Washington DC.  I felt so grateful that we are able to serve a mission in this area of the world. It makes you appreciate what this  country has been built upon.
Jim Matheson and Elder Anthony.  Elder Anthony had a picture taken years ago with  his father who was the governor of Utah.  

Once again hall after hall has the United States Flag and the congressman's State flag outside their office doors.

Our interns with Jim Matheson

We found a Utah Congressman's office. 
A man said he would take our picture by Rob Bishops door plaque.  
The BYU professor told us about the United States Botanic Gardens that were close by. They have plants from all over the world.  We made a stop and toured the Gardens after the meeting.

We came back and work at the center for a half a day and then decided to go out to eat at the Cheesecake factory.  It was great.  It has been really cold today.  So I was grateful for a nice warm coat.  We took the bus to the restaurant and walked around the mall after dinner.  We found a cool store called the World Market.  I wanted to stay longer and look but our bus was coming so I need to return and finish looking around.  They have things from different parts of the world.  


  1. It sounds like you had a great day. Tell Kimmy "Hello" from the Claytons. I recognized her in the interns picture. There is a World Market store in Park City. We've been to it a couple of times while in Park City. They have fun stuff.

  2. Beautiful! We have a World Market here too. Good reminder to be grateful for the big and small things like a warm coat.

  3. What beautiful flowers! That is so cool that the interns were able to meet with Jim Matheson and ask him questions.