The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, November 7, 2014


We were going with the students this morning to the state department until last night when we got a call at 8:30 that one of our interns had lost her electronic key to get into the building and her room. So we headed back over to get a new key made. After two hours and a call to the old missionaries that were just released we still didn't have a working key. Something is very wrong with the computer system. She found the key while we're there but the concern over the software was still very frustrating. We told the BYU professor Dr. Fry we wouldn't to going with the students this morning while we tried to work out the problem.  Elder Anthony was on the phone with the locking specialist most of the morning. They will be out on Wednesday. In the meantime our lock and keys for them are in a sticky situation. 

Elder Anthony's mission companion from the Gulf States came in town to say hi and spend the night. They just finished a two year mission to Charottesville, South Carolina. They went for 18 months then they were asked to extend for 6 months. After two years they went home to Brigham City for four months and are returning to the same mission for another year. Their mission president wanted them back and got his wish.  They served as executive secretary for their mission. They about killed over working extremely long hours. They were serving when the serge in missionaries occurred and the demand for more housing and furniture was a hugh problem.  They ran the mission so their mission president could be out with the missionaries. This next mission they are going to be MLS missionaries. MLS stands for member leadership support. It is the new work for prosilighting missionaries. They wanted to see Kirthland on their way out so they are staying over night with us and going to North Carolina tomorrow.  They got in about 1 this afternoon. They are leaving early tomorrow morning. They have never been to DC so we took them on a fast trip around the city. We walked about four plus miles. We rode the metro to the Capitol. We walked by the Libray of Congress, the Supreme Court Building, and the congressional offices. We walked from there to the Wasington Momument, the World Ward II Monuments, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Vietnam memorial. Then we walked back home. I think we walked them and us out. It has been fun to compare missions and our different assignments. Don Andrus is very close to Elder Anthony.  Elder Anthony didn't have any siblings and a couple of his companions filled that void. It was fun to be with them for a half a day. It has been cold this afternoon and very windy. I think winter is on its way. 

Don and Ruth Andrus

Washington Momument 

Capititol. This is the side that the president elect comes to be sworn in and talk to the people.


  1. How fun for uncle Dave to be reunited with an old friend and companion! I enjoyed your previous post about children and your insights about scattering and gathering. I'd never quite thought of it in that way. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I look forward to that day when I can re-unite with some of my companions after so many years.