The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Thursday, November 13, 2014

It takes a long time to do things in Washington.

We have shed tears today for our good friend Randy Loveless and Marie.  I know the Lord is hastening his work on both sides of the veil.  I am sure Randy is going to lead that work in the spirit world.  But we are sure going to miss him here.

We taught our mothers today on King Street.  We taught D&C 42:48 "And again, it shall come to pass that he that hath faith in me to be healed, and is not appointed unto death, shall be healed."  We had this quote from Elder Oaks "As children of God, knowing of His great love and His ultimate knowledge of what is best for our eternal welfare, we trust in Him. The first principle of the gospel is faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and faith means trust.  I felt that trust in a talk my cousin gave at the funeral of a teenage girl who had died of a serious illness. He spoke these words, which first astonished me and then edified me: 'I know it was the will of the Lord that she die.  She had good medical care.  She was given priesthood blessings.  Her name was on the prayer roll in the temple.  She was the subject of hundreds of prayers for her health.  And I know that there is enough faith in this family that she would have been healed unless it was the will of the Lord to take her home at this times.'   I felt that same trust in the words of the father of another choice girl whose life was taken by cancer in her teen years.   He declared, 'Our family's faith is in Jesus Christ and is not dependent on outcomes.'  Those teachings ring true to me. We do all that we can for the healing of a loved one, and then we trust in the Lord for the outcome." (Healing the Sick." 50.)

We will miss our friend, Randy Loveless.

Everything takes so long in Washington.  We left the condo at 8:15 so we wouldn't wake up our intern that was sleeping here.  We did our studying and worked on door locks until 10:00.  We left at 10:00 to teach our class at 10:30.  We left our class and cleaned up the food at 1:00.  We got to the temple and got on the 2:00 session.  We got out of the temple at 4:00.  We got to Walmart at 4:30.  We got home at 6:30.  I got dinner going and laundry.  Elder Anthony had to go back over to the Barlow center to make a new key.  Traffic can add so much time.  Depending on the time traffic can be brutal.


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  1. You can't help but see the Lord's hand in the passing of Brother Loveless. I hope his family is able to feel comfort at this time.