The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Executive Offices

We went with the Barlow interns to the excutive office for the White House. I had no idea was was in this building.

This is the Eisenhower executive offices.

You have to turn in your personal information in advance to be cleared to go through security. You have to have a government issued ID. You go through several checkpoints and a metal detectors. You do not get to just walk in. There are security police around the outside of the building.

We were in the Hull room
This room was amazing. Look at just the door.

I love the ceiling and wood work.

The hall way.

There is a foyer type room before you enter the main room.  This is the foyer to the Hull room.

Then you come into the main room.  I think this was one of the plainer rooms.  

Look at the view outside the window of this room.You can see the Jefferson Memorial and you can't see it from this shot but you also see the Washington Memorial.

The Vice President has his offices in this building.

I loved the spiral staircase. There were probably  four of them.  

Ski lights at the very top.

We walked around and looked in a few other rooms.

These are little George Washingtons in the fireplace.

On the next floor up was the national security rooms. Outside the doors they collected cell phone.  I guess you can't take cell phone in. 

Elder Anthony was sending out word that I had been kissed by President Obama. We both got presidential kisses.

Random pictures from inside.

I don't know what is up with these little doors.

They have some artifacts in the hallway.  This is the White house official document bag from many years ago.

This is the man we came to listen to.

Jeff Wheeler  is a BYU graduate.  He gave the interns some really good advice.  He is getting married in a few weeks.

This is what the internet says about him.  (Reuters) - Twenty-two of President Barack Obama's top advisers make the top White House salary of $172,200 per year - but there is one official who earns 30 percent more.
It's not Chief of Staff Denis McDonough. Not Obama's senior adviser and close friend Valerie Jarrett. Not Cecilia Munoz, who is overseeing White House efforts on immigration reform, nor Lisa Monaco, who advises Obama on homeland security and counterterrorism.
The best-paid person of the 460 people who work at the White House is Seth Wheeler, a senior adviser at the National Economic Council, who is crafting Obama's strategy on housing finance.
One of the newest appointees, Wheeler earns $225,000, according to the annual White House report on its $37.9 million payroll released on Friday.
Wheeler has been detailed to the role from the Federal Reserve where the pay scale is higher, a White House official explained.
It also means he earns more than his boss, Gene Sperling, the director of the National Economic Council, who earns the White House limit of $172,200.
At the Fed, Wheeler was chief of staff for the Office of Financial Stability Policy and Research.
The advice I really liked is a statement he made when he was talking about his failures and critics.  He said, "Nothing but the enemy can show where your greatest weakness are."  I thought in relation to the gospel that is also true only opposition exposes us to our weaknesses and what we need to work on.  
He quoted Elder Bednar and told the interns to do the things that you feel restless to do because it is the Spirit trying to move us.  
We walked to the Eisenhower Executive offices.  I always see interesting things.  Like old buildings saved and new buildings almost eating them up. 

I had to add this picture.  We are constantly finding Embassy from different countries scattered around the city.  I had to get a picture of the Mexican Embassy for Diana.  

We found this next statue of George Washington in the middle of a round about very close to were we live. 

We came back and worked the rest of the day but it was fun to be with the interns.   Our cookies went over well.  The front entry people loved it and when we came back they were all gone and someone had added little candy bars.  One of the older ladies named Lillie is so sweet.  She had come down to find out were we lived and she was in the foyer getting ready to send us a thank you note.  It was fun to talk to her again.  I think we created some good will toward us. 


  1. Very interesting stuff and elegant buildings. In your writing you called the young man Jeff Wheeler instead of Seth Wheeler as he is called in the article you shared. You may want to change that if this is your journal. Thanks for the daily posts. I look forward to seeing what you're doing each day,

  2. Behold the power of food!! Love seeing all these historic and beautiful places.

  3. Wow so much intricate and beautiful detail in that Eisenhower building. You're having some amazing experiences. That is crazy that Wheeler makes that much money. Since you were a teacher maybe you had the same thought... instead of paying those people very high salaries... the government should pay them less and give some of that money to Education!!

  4. What a cool experience for those interns to speak with Jeff Wheeler. The Lord really will place you where you need to be.