The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Sabbath Day

I forgot to mention yesterday that while we were working at the Barlow Center we heard a lot of commotion and yelling.  We went to the front of the building in time to see a huge rally of protesters.  They were protesting the shooting of Michael Brown the young man that was shot.  It closed down the traffic in the street and the police were following behind them making sure that they would be safe.  It is nice to live in a country were people can make their opinions heard.  They were not being destructive just making sure they were seen.

Today was a wonderful day.  We got to speak in church today on gratitude.  Our talks went over really well.  There is a non-member young man that has been coming to church and he was the first to run up and tell us how much he enjoyed our talks and how he really needed to hear them.  We got a lot of compliments.  One young lady that works in the public affairs office upstairs of the Barlow Center said I wish everyone in our office could have heard you both speak then we could get to know you. One of my favorite definitions of happiness is not having what you like but liking what you have.

When we got our mission call a young man in our ward Phil Thurston had been an intern at the Barlow Center.  The missionaries that were here at the time were the Sowby.  He really wanted us to meet them and find out about the mission from them.  The next thing we knew they had left to go on a mission to New York doing a public affairs mission.  Elder Anthony went to New York on work business in September and called on a BYU graduate to see if they wanted to donate to the new building and guess who it was?  The Sowbys.  Well to our surprise at church today a nice couple came up to meet us and it was the Sowbys in town over Thanksgiving.  In fact they are coming back at Christmas to work at the visitor center during the Christmas season because it is so busy.  They came by tonight to see the Barlow Center and the apartment.  They had purchased several items in the apartment and it was fun for them to see how many things were the same and what had changed.  We had fun visiting with them.  Because they are serving a Public Affairs mission they know Jeff and Karen.  They had inquired about coming to the Barlow Center when they found out the position was already taken.  This is their fourth mission.

After Church today we had a baptism we went to.  Tamar was baptized.  There was such a sweet spirit there.  Tamar is in a wheelchair.  He only has one leg.  It was so neat when he said how happy he was and he said I feel like I have a new life now.  It was so great to be a part of his baptism.

This was the first Sunday we didn't have Barlow kids over for Sunday dinner.  We have gone through the group and I needed a break from cooking.  The Sowbys bought all the dishes and silverware so there would be enough to feed the interns.   We have taking advantage of her generous gift.

On the way to Church today we got off the bus and a lady came running toward us and said are you Mormons.  We said yes and she wanted to know where there was a Church.  We told her to just walk up the street two blocks and she would see it.  She has been here a couple of weeks and could not find a ward house.

Tonight at 7:00 we went over to the Barlow Center to play Farkle with some of the interns.  They heard about the fun game we played after Thanksgiving dinner and wanted us to come over and play with them.  We had a blast until the Sowbys came.  It looks like tomorrow night they want to get us back for Family Home evening.

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