The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Warm before the storm

Today was an interesting day.  The past week has been one where the cold humid weather seems to permeate every bone and joint in your body.  Then you have a day like today where the temperature starts out in the mid 40's and by the mid day the temperatures are in the high 60's and the low 70's.  It was a beautiful day to walk and appreciate the out-of-doors.  Well, because the past few days have been so cold, Mom decided that the best thing to do for our class today was to take a pot of soup.  So she spent quite a bit of time last week fixing Taco Soup.  It was wonderful and the Sisters that we teach on Thursday loved the soup as did their children.  The students we taught today on Capitol Hill loved the soup also but I am sure they wondered why we were having soup during a heat wave - if it had only been tomorrow when we served the soup to them - tomorrow it is supposed to snow.

Mom won't share this in the blogs that she composes but her bursitis in her knee is really giving her a bad time.  It has been difficult finding a doctor who has the kind of skills she would like so that she can get treatment.  She finally found one and, as luck would have it, she can't get into that doctor until mid January.  The bursitis makes it difficult to walk but almost impossible to climb stairs - all of which we have to do extensively in our work. We have talked about having her see one of the orthopedic specialists at Georgetown Medical Center and get a shot to keep her going until she sees her new doctor.  Georgetown Orthopedics comes highly recommended.

Sister Fulkerson just called and one of our intern's parents are in panic the parents cannot contact her.  Apparently, the intern's phone has been disconnected.  This is one example of the type of problems that we handle on a fairly regular basis.  The variety of problems that we deal with keeps us constantly energized.  It is such a pleasure dealing with these young people.  I can't believe how great they are.  All of our young women except one are returned missionaries and all of our young men are returned missionaries except one.  That young man has a mission call and will leave in February.

Well, we just contacted our intern whose parents are worried and they will be calling home in the next few minutes.  Problem solved.  Likewise our next problem is to head to bed ourselves.  So, I will say goodnight for now.

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  1. So sorry to hear about Sherrie's knee acting up. I hope she can get a shot to carry on for a few more weeks. We'll be praying for her.