The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Today it snowed

It was cold rainy and it snowed for awhile today but it did not stick.

We spent all day at the Barlow Center waiting on heating guys. We had the heater man there for a couple of hours in the morning.  Then after a couple of hours the guy that needed to work on the boiler came and spent three hours. Elder Anthony was in and out with them all day.  I got some work done and then I worked at posting some histories on familysearch.  

Elder Anthony has a cold. But we needed to get out because I did not have a pan big enough to cook the turkey in.  It seems like we have had people adding to our dinner and dropping out of dinner all day today.  I don't think I will know exactly how many we will feed for Thanksgiving dinner until I see them show up. The ones that are dropping out had food assignments that I am needing to pick up. It could be an interesting day tomorrow. It will be our first Thanksgiving without family. We have not spent a Thanksgiving without some of our children. David was born before our first Thanksgiving and Grandma Larsen came to help us move into our apartment in Bakersfield. She cooked our turkey in a cold pack canner. It will be interesting to see how  tomorrow goes.

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  1. After fourteen years of marriage and most of those living away from Utah, I think we have had more Thanksgivings without family than with them! It's a simple holiday around here. We are very thankful for Skype and Face Time.