The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Elder Anthony held staff meeting with me and Susana.  Susana is our building mechanic and maitenance person.  We all work together to keep the Barlow Center going.  After our meeting we were talking and Susana shared with me that the missionaries before us had wanted to extend and when they contacted BYU they were told that the position had already been filled and the call had already been issued.  If we had not gotten our call early we would not be serving this mission.  That is now four other couples that were trying to get this opportunity to be here that we know of.  I feel once again that this call was inspired.

After our meeting we tried to complete some of our assignments.  At noon we decided to try a new way of going to a different Walmart.  Someone told us we could get there on a bus.  That would cost us 1.50 round trip.  I am making taco soup for our classes this coming week and for our class tomorrow.  So we ventured in the cold Washington air and caught our bus.  Sure enough it let us off just a half of a block from a Walmart.  We went and made our purchases for the taco soup.  The groceries were a little heavier than we wanted but we caught the returning bus and got home and had some lunch.

I worked at finishing off our lesson for tomorrow morning.  We came home and made the soup for our mothers class tomorrow.  I have been thinking of something to make for the 4th floor people that live in our condo for a Thanksgiving treat.  Our cookies for Halloween made a good impression and we have had several people respond to us.

One of the notes we got said Dear Neighors, Thank you for the delicious treats.  That was very sweet of you.  Stan lives in Florida and raely comes to DC.  I took his cookies fully intending to give them back to you, but temptation prevailed and I ate them!

Another note said David and Sherrie: The goodies I had on my door was a wonderful surprise. Thanks so much-- great to have wonderful neighbores.  Cheers.  (I am not sure how she found out our names.)

One note looked like a check.  It said thanks a million.  We have had a few of our neighbors talk to us in the hall.  So now the question,  what can I make for everyone for Thanksgiving?  I will let you know when I figure it out.  

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  1. That is awesome that you are doing those small acts of service for your neighbors. Sweets have a way of softening hearts and tearing down walls. :)