The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, December 29, 2014


The deep cleaners are at the building for the next three days.  Our lady that cleans the building Susana had to bring her daughter to work because she wasn't feeling well and is out of school.  So I grabbed her and she and I took down all the Christmas decorations in the front foyer.  She was my runner and a big helper.  She helped me throw out a huge stack of books from the library that we cleaned out.  The day was spent getting things ready for the cleaners to come into that area to clean.  Elder Anthony was working with the keys and did something that messed up the system again and we had to have a key man come in this afternoon. So that was a mess today. Elder Anthony bought Susana, Natalie her daughter and he and I a Subway sandwich lunch.

Susana had to clean out the dryer vents.  The birds like to build nest at the end of the dryer exhausts.Look what she dug out of the vent.

This bird was  very dead.  It was stuck way up inside the vent and it looked like is was still alive when I first saw it.   There is always a new adventure.

 We were glad to come home tonight for a quieter evening.    


  1. The bird must not have been in there very long. I had a bird die in a dryer vent once and the smell was atrocious and it was very decayed in just over a week since I started noticing a bad smell in my dried laundry.