The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Thursday, December 18, 2014


There are times in your youth that you look at older individuals and wonder what you are going to be like.  There are older people that are amazing.  Then there are those that look beat up and they aren't that old.  I will admit that since my knee has been bothering me I feel like I am the one holding us back.  Elder Anthony slows down because he doesn't want to push me.  I feel like the lamb duck for sure.  This morning we left early to stop by the Barlow Center.  We then headed to the doctors.  My knee is still giving me fits.  Elder Anthony slept wrong and the pinched nerve in his neck is giving him fits.

The doctor gave me another heavy duty cortisone shot. I will go in on Monday for a MRI.  We went to the temple after.  We did some sealings but my knee didn't like that so we did some initiators.  We left there and did a little shopping and I got my hair cut at J.C. Penney's. I really like the lady that cut my hair.  She is 74 and is retiring at the end of Dec.  She is from South America I can't remember the country.  She had been to the temple to see the lights.  She said she love the Christus there. She had cut the hair of another missionary.  I really liked her and feel bad she is leaving.  I gave her a tip and a pass along card for a free Book of Mormon. The card had a really picture of the Savior.  We then went to IKEA for dishes.  We sorted all the stray dishes out of the cupboards at the Barlow.  We threw then out and got just a standard white dish that can be easily replaced. We also thought if we cut down the number so there is just barely enough dishes for each person to have one they have to do their dishes or there will not be a dish for them to eat off of.  We got non breakable glasses.

After we got home we decided to work on our treats for the neighbors for Christmas and get the laundry done. I have noticed water under the washer and I have been hoping we didn't have a leaking problem.  I was almost convinced that we needed to contact the landlord.  But I put a dry cloth under the washer and the washer didn't leak.  When I had the dryer on I got leaking.  The dryer doesn't leak I thought.  I found the instruction book and started reading. I found that since our dryer doesn't vent outside that water collects in this holding tank that should be emptied after each load.  I have never empty it.  I was so proud of myself for figuring out the problem without having to call someone in and feeling stupid.  I made a huge tray of snikerdoodles cookies for the lobby for Christmas and for those that work at the Barlow.  We put some little treats together for our neighbors on our floor.  Tonight we both feel like we are about 90 years old.  Hopefully after a good night sleep our bodies will be energized.  

Picture taken at the lighting ceremony. 

A picture taken from the freeway today. 


  1. That's a great picture of you both in front of the temple. You don't LOOK like you're in pain. So sorry you are suffering. Sounds like you are just pushing through it all. Glad you were able to "fix" the dryer.

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon. Good job fixing your dryer and replacing dishes. Glad they have you to keep everyone in line and to make such yummy food all the time.
    One of you needs to take a short movie as you come around that turn. The temple sneaks up and surprises most motorists I think.

  3. I am surprised you are still having so many problems with your knee. You will have to let us know that the doctors say after you MRI on Monday.