The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dinner Guests 52 and 53

Today after church we had the Elders for dinner.  They challenged us to share with someone the video the Church made for Christmas called, The Gift.  I told them I had put it on my Facebook but I would try to give it away also.  

In our area when we go to Church and have a mission meeting after the block and take the bus to Church and home (which we do every week because the ward has the smallest parking lot and there is no parking) we leave at 10 in the morning and we get back at 4 in the afternoon.  So Sundays are a day at Church.  After the Elders left we walked over to the Barlow to check on things.  There is a ton of work that will need to be done to get it ready for the next batch.  It was so quiet.  We have to make sure a couple of rooms are ready for Scott and an architect from BYU to come and stay over night on Tuesday night.  They are going to redo the front foyer because Elder Perry has requested it.  We will be in meetings on Tuesday to go over the plans.

Elder Anthony and I finished reading the Forgotten Christmas Carols tonight.  Our tradition has not ended.

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  1. I need to start that tradition with my kids. We have been listening to the music but I need to buy the book.