The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lets see how many days did we live today.

Tuesday is our temple day.  We had so much to get done today that we knew we had to make the first session at 8:00.  We are starting to recognize the temple workers and they are starting to recognize us.  We left at 7:10 and we made it there by 7:50.  The traffic is so unpredictable.  It was a lovely session. In the temple we are asked to make a change.  If you take that literally that we have to make a change in our own personal life you come to realize that we are expected to no longer live a telestial life but we are being challenged to live a terrestrial life. Eventually we are prepared to live a  celestial life.  I really love the Washington Temple. It has been such a joy to attend the temple weekly with my companion.  What a blessing this mission gives us to be together.

On the way home we stopped at Costco to check out Christmas decorations.  We ended up after a few calls buying the  live wreaths. Elder Anthony and Susana  hung the four up in the front and everyone loved how they looked so much that they wanted every window in the upstairs floors to have a wreath.  I don't think the budget will permit that. I bought one of the huge poinsettia plants to decorate the Barlow foyer.  I will get a picture hopefully tomorrow of the wreaths in the front.  To day was a rainy cold day so I didn't want to get pictures.

We got back just in time for our Barlow building Christmas party.  Everyone brought food and it was great afternoon.  I brought homemade orange rolls and cream cheese, cranberry, and  jalapeno dip for crackers.  All the food was wonderful and it was fun to get to know the public affairs people better.  I don't know if Jeff and Karen know Ann Santini but I know she has attended the same meetings they have.  She has been working this area for 18 years. She is a full time employee.  She told me the story of the queen of Albania. The Santinis have been developing a relationship with the Albania embassy.  Ann does a lot of contacts with the different embassy.  Through friend-shipping one of the  diplomat she gets a call one day that the queen is coming to Washington and is an architect and they would like to see the Washington Temple. Ann had invited this diplomat to the light of the lights at the temple each year.  Ann made arrangements for her to see the actual plans and takes her to the temple and then into the visitor center.  The Queen is super impressed and one of her security people is so touched by the visitor center that he ends up getting baptized.  They tell the queen about the humanitarian efforts of the Church and asks if they could render service in her county and tells her they have humanitarian missionaries there working with her people.   There is a softening of hearts and the Church makes a huge inroad in Albania.

After the party we helped clean up and came home to finish getting our lesson for tonight.  I will admit that I sat down and dosed off for about 20 minutes and I heard in the other room snoring from Elder Anthony so I know we took a power nap also.  We needed the rest because we went until almost 10:00 tonight again. That is three nights in a row not to get home until very late.  After our lesson tonight which was our last lesson with this group we had several students bring us up notes.  One young lady that we had for Thanksgiving brought us a bag of chocolates and such a sweet note.  One of our student yesterday that is going home gave us a note and I was surprise at what she said.  "Thank you for your wonderful lessons and beautiful spirits.  Your example of a loving and harmonious marriage was so neat to see and learn from.  I hope you both have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year."  I was surprise that she learned from watching us not what we said.  Her Dad is a non-member and she is dating a non-member.  I hope that she will think about the blessings that she could receive from marring in the temple.

We also made a batch of fudge today for a party tomorrow.  I am sure I will be able to tell you all about that party tomorrow.  I am tired, the two kitchen are cleaned, the cinnamon rolls were a huge success at the end of class today and I am ready to go to bed.  

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  1. All this talk of orange rolls is making me hungry! You need to send your dear, poor children some of this yummy food you are making!