The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, December 15, 2014

Missionary discussion

We have a meeting every Monday morning with our seminary and institute coordinator.  Right after that meeting we were asked by the missionaries to come to their discussion today.  They were teaching two guys that have a great love for the Bible.  They said we don't know much about the Bible would you come to the discussion.  We were a little worried that it was going to be a Bible bash.  But their main concern was is there any proof supporting the Book of Mormon.  Elder Anthony tried to get them to understand that until they read it and asked it wouldn't matter how much proof there was they wouldn't believe unless the Spirit confirmed it to them what they had read.

I asked one of them how they knew the Bible was true.  He said he had a belief in God and read the Bible and knew it was true and they have found proof that confirms the Bible and that has added to his belief. He has absolutely no question it is true.  I said that is what you need to do with the Book of Mormon read and pray about it and then when you find proofs of its correctness then that will add to your belief.  But you have to read it.  I bore my testimony that the Book of Mormon was here to bear testimony of the Bible to prove that it is correct and to bring us to Christ and bear testimony of Him.  It was a really nice discussion.  After one of them came up to me and thanked me.  He said is there any proof you can share.  Elder Anthony said what proof impresses you about the Bible.  He started talking about name patterns. I asked him if he had heard of chiasmus in the Bible.  He had.  I told him about John Welches study of the chiasmus in the Book of Mormon.  He said I would be every interested in that studied.  I assured him that Joseph Smith was not aware of chiasmus nor did he know how to write them.  It was an uplifting discussion.

We flew to get to our last class on the hill.  I had merged the power point Elder Anthony had worked on with mine and messed up his slides which was a mess.  We got there and the room was locked and we called and they never got anyone down there to open the door so we went into an empty office.  We found some chairs.  It was a disaster for the whole class.  I felt badly that things were so bad for our last lesson for the year.

We came home and put our Levis on and headed to the center to work.  We have our BYU director coming in with an architect tomorrow and he is going to sleep here.  So we told our building maintenance lady Susie to get to her work done and we would get sheets and towels washed so they would have clean bedding.

We are sitting over at the Barlow tonight so Dad can watch football on their cable and we have 4 washing machines going getting towels clean.

Elder Anthony watching football while we wait for washing machines.  

This is the sitting room for everyone on this floor with a big screen TV.

Each floor has two washers and two dryers.  We are washing towels tonight. 
In the common kitchen the student requested a freezer to store their food in.  Each room as a little fridge and a microwave.

This is the common kitchen the students share.

This is the hall.  On each side are rooms.  

Each room holds two students with two beds and two desks.

Each room has their own bathroom that has a shower in it. 

Each room has one little fridge and a microwave the two students share. 

We have 4 married student housing.  They have their own kitchen and table. 

They have a queen size bed that folds up into the wall. 

Married student bathrooms get a tub and a bigger bathroom.  They still have to share the laundry room.  There are two washing machines and dries for the whole floor.  


  1. Reminds us of the room layouts for the JC. Are you responsible to launder all the bedding and linens between student groups?

  2. I am glad you took pictures of this to show us. Dad has a hard mission, watching football while you do the laundry. :)

  3. That's awesome that you went with the elders. You never matters how much proof you have, the only thing that converts is the Spirit. Those elders are lucky to have you as a resource for discussions.