The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, December 5, 2014

On the road today.

We had to be over the the Barlow Center early today to get copies made of the sheets our students will use to check out. We talked to them for a few minutes on what they needed to get done.  They will be gone a week from Saturday.  Then comes the work getting the building ready for the next batch.

Since we have been there we have had the heating guys out a couple of times.  The guy that works on the boiler.  The locks have all been updated and the work men have been out a couple of time on that work.  The landscaping in the front has been completely changes.  Next week they are making some repairs on the outside of the building.  So Elder Anthony stays busy working with them and getting reports made of the progress they are making.

We spent more time in the car and went more miles in one day than we have since we got here. We left to inspect three missionary apartments that had a total of 10 missionaries in.  I was shocked to see that two Elders were cold in their bathroom so they had plugged in a space heater and had it on the back of a toilet.  I thought if that fell in the shower they would be killed.  We told them to get it out of there and reported that to the mission office.  Missionaries are NOT the best house keepers but they try to clean up before we come.

We have been talking to all of the committees involved to see if they want a Christmas tree up.  I thought it would be cool to put up wreaths in the front of the building so people passing by know that we celebrate Christmas.  They are putting up a huge tree in the lobby of our condo building. And it looks so nice.  They have huge poinsettia plants on each floor.  We looked in the storage compartment in the garage for our condo for Christmas decoration that have been left.  They had a little tree and some garland but it smelled like the damp musty storage.

We drove over to Alexandria this evening to go to dinner with Athelia Graham and her parents who are here to visit.  Athelia has lived here 5 years and this is the first time her parents have visited her.  They are such great people.  So faithful.  Ray works 5 days a week at the the MTC developing a program for the Church on learning languages.  He is on another mission.  They served in Jerusalem when Jan and John were there and they are talking about another mission when Ray finishes this one at the MTC.

We found a Home Depot after and bought a little plant that looks like a Christmas tree.  We bought some lights and baby ornaments. We will keep this little tree alive and put it outside in the summer and then we will have it for our tree next year.  Elder Anthony hate the artificial trees.

 Our little Christmas tree.

 Athelia and her parents Ray and Bobby Graham.


  1. I think Ray looks younger than when we saw him in Israel. Good to see both of them again.

  2. Old Town Alexandria is a fantastic spot for a quiet p-day browsing around neat shops.

  3. That is so cool that you saw Athelia and her parents! What a tender mercy!