The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Streets coming together

We didn't exercise today or study we headed to the temple.  It was a wonderful session.  We were there barely before the session started.  They held the session so we could make it.  We were only 3 minutes from when they were going to start but I thought that was really kind of them to wait that three minutes.  Then we found a new Costco to go to that is only a mile and a half from the temple. We got a Costco hot dog for lunch.  There isn't anything that makes Elder Anthony happier than a Costco dog.  There was also a Target, a Best Buy and  a J.C Pennys.  All of a sudden Elder Anthony said I know where we are and how to get to Walmart from here.  It is great when things come together.  It doesn't come together for me but things are getting a little more familiar.   We have to use our GPS for about every place we go.  There isn't any just straight roads that lead where you want to go.  To go to the VA there isn't one road that you go more than a half a mile on before you turn.  I am always surprised when we get to were we are going and then get home.  I have finally stopped saying, "thank you Sally for getting us there and home".  Sally is our GPS.

We worked in the Barlow Center for the rest of the day and stayed there to teach tonight.  We don't get home until late on Tuesdays but it was a little later than usual.  I was teaching the second half of the lesson and Elder Anthony was out doing something.  He pulled one of the students out of class.  One of our interns had asked to borrow our master key to get into her room.  She had locked herself out   That was not a problem.  The problem was it was her birthday and she didn't bring his key back and left to go out to eat.  My key was locked in my office and we couldn't get in our office or go home until she came home.  Elder Anthony was mad that she had taken his keys and we were stuck waiting for her.  He finally found someone that had her phone number and they texted her.  We didn't have to wait too long. Lesson learned open the door but don't let a student use your key.

We came in at 9:50 and it was cold and raining.  In fact it has rained all day and been cold.  In the corner of the building we live in  were two homeless women bundled up trying to stay warm.  We had just put away the left over soup that we had feed the kids.  We had used our left over turkey and boiled down the carcass for soup.   Elder Anthony walked back to the Barlow Center and got two bowl of hot turkey noodle soup and gave it to them.  It was two older women from Vietnam.  It is so sad to see people left to live on the street.  We have decided that we will walked down the street about a half a mile to a Salvation Army soon and find out what facilities are available for the homeless.  

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  1. I had to laugh about your key being stuck in that student's room. That would be very frustrating and you definitely learned your lesson. I am glad you gave some soup to those women on the street. That would be a tough life.