The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Super Fun Day

First off I need to post some pictures that I have had on my phone.

A week ago we were out walking and not far from our house we passed the embassy of Spain.  We took these pictures for Crystal.

Monday when we went to teach at the Longworth Congress building we saw offices being emptied.  If your congress man or woman loses the election he is out and so is his staff.  So that job might not be to steady. I asked a guy that works there how congressmen pick their offices.  They put all the available offices up for grabs and the guys with the most seniority get the first choice.  They pick according to location of their committee assignments and the view from their windows.  

We went to the National Cathdral.  This is owned by the Episcopal Church.  It is the sixth largest in the World and second largest in the United States. 

Signers of the Declaration of Independence are listed on this plack. 

We got free tickets for the rehearsal of the Messiah that will be performed this weekend.  They had a ton of people there. I missed hearing the whole concert but it was really neat to hear some of the music from the Messiah.  They had a orchestra and they sounded great but I missed hearing the Draper production of the Messiah and all my favorite songs.  They only had part of their orchestra there also. They charge you for parking and if you go in they charge you to go in and just look at the building.  The tickets gave us free entrance so we only had to pay for parking. We left early so we could get the the temple visitor center for the ceremony of the lightning of the lights.  We got a special invite to attend from the public affairs office that is in the Barlow Center.   

We ran into Athelial Graham who was one of Lisa's best friends.  
J.W. Marriott hosted the party and Elder Carlison of the seventy was there to speak.  The whole affair was so well done and such a nice start to the Christmas season. The young girl in the picture is Lexi Walker.  She has a remarkable voice and has performed at the Kenndy Center and was going to perform at Carnegie Hall.  She has been on America 's Got Talent, the Good  Morning America! And Queen Latifa Show. She  is a 12 years old girl from Utah and is in 7th grade. 

This is Lexi Walker who sang at the lighting ceremony.  We had fun talking to her Dad after.  What do you do when your daughter becomes famous over night? 


  1. Those were super cool events. The Washington National Cathedral is one of our favorite buildings in DC. To think of hearing Messiah performed there would be heavenly. It was fun to see Sister Graham, daughter of the Grahams we knew in Israel.

  2. Wow, that sounds like a fun day!

  3. We've been gone for almost 2 weeks so it was nice to catch up on all you've been doing there. It sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving, but out did yourself. That would be hard not knowing how many will show up and how much to cook. The National Cathedral is beautiful and reminds me a little of Notre Dame. I hope your knee starts feeling better.

  4. I can't believe that little girl can sing that well at her age; that is incredible! I miss seeing the lights at temple square. That is one thing I miss about Utah.