The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Today was a day spent at the VA. Elder Anthony had two appointment at the VA in one day.  The VA is good at making you wait.  We also had to wait at the pharmacy.   We got there today at 9:45 and left there about 2.  I must say that my I-Pad has changed my life.  In the past a day like this would have driven me crazy.  Instead I love having the time to go through blogs, my email, searching information and the best part is reading books.  I am reading the Biography of Bruce R. McConkie.   It is wonderful.  So I had a happy day waiting for doctors and test.  By the time we got home we were starved.  We we got dinner and then I made chicken enchiladas for my class tomorrow. We made a list today of people that we have fed at least once and if they are in our class multiple times. We have fed 51 people so far.

 We had a party in the lobby of our building.  It was a Christmas party and they had a chorus there and we had Christmas caroling and great food.  They had all kinds of drinks also.  There was an older lady there I would say in her late 80's.  I walked over to meet her and I noticed that she was hanging on the desk but I was worried she was ready to fall on the floor.  She was starting to slide down.  I said can I help you get to a chair you need to sit down.  Her neighbor said you have got to go back to your room or I am going to call an ambulance.  The old lady said I don't need to go back.  They asked for a strong man and Elder Anthony came forward.  I took her by the arm Elder Anthony held her up and the neighbor led us to her room.  She said she would stay with her for awhile.  She could hardly walk.  She said I don't know what is wrong maybe I drank to much wine.  I think she had for sure.  We got her to her room.  She had a beautiful room.  When we came back we were the heroes for helping her.  We got to meet more of our neighbors on our floor.  We are kind of famous on our floor because of our holiday treats.  It was fun to talk to some of our neighbors.  We were able to share with many of them what we were doing here.  We have a sweet beautiful 92 year old lady down from us that really likes us.  Her name is Lilly.  She is such a sharp dresser and very easy person to talk to.  She was lived here since 1979.  She is divorced and never had any children.  She is a triplet. Her brother is dead and her sister is getting dementia.  I left so bad for her.  She really has no one.  We talked about the family last night in class and the blessing that eternal families are.  I don't know how long she will be able to stay here.  She likes us. A few people made it their job to avoid us but most were very nice.  We had an interesting day.

The wreaths that we put up yesterday. 

We bought these poinsettia for the Barlow Center. 

Sowby's send us this nice note and these pictures.  Dear Anthonys,

We so enjoyed visiting with you post-Thanksgiving and being reminded of our wonderful times in DC and that apartment! (If I were you, I'd inquire about getting a decent couch--one that perhaps is a sofa bed, like ours here in NY, for visitors--or at least long enough for you to stretch out on! I don't recall seeing a glider rocker that was in the bedroom when we were there; maybe that's why you had nowhere to sit!)

Anyway, the trip down memory Lane was fun and appreciated. You're in for a great mission with those YSAs; just don't let certain BYU folk micro-manage you, and you'll have a grand time:-)

Here's your photo, and one of us earlier that evening at the temple. Maybe we'll see you there Christmas week--if we don't freeze to death in New York first!

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  1. Heroism is a great door-opener for sharing the gospel.