The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Saturday, December 13, 2014

We are feeling all alone.

All of the interns left today except for the administrative assistant.  He will fly out tomorrow at 8:00 a.m..  The last interns left at 2:00 today.  The building was so quiet.  It was like all the joy and life was gone.  The halls were dark and there was no one disturbing us as we prepared our final lesson for the year. A few of the students left us the nicest thank you notes.  I think we have made a difference in their experience and in our class.  Of coarse that is what we are here to do.  Elder Anthony left early to go to the Barlow Center to start collecting keys.  They have to be organized so that we know what fob goes with what room.  I decided to stay behind and really do a clean up job on the condo.  We were hoping today to meet the lady that rents us the condo and we didn't know if they would come here or we would go to there house.  They only live about 8 blocks from us.  We never did make connections.  When the other mission couple came to visit us they told us how they had arrange the furniture in the front room and I wanted to rearrange our bedroom so I stayed to scrub, dust and rearrange things.  It felt really good to pull out furniture and do a through cleaning.

We decide to have waffles tonight and invite the last Barlow Student over to eat with us since their kitchens are clean and they have not food left.  Our lady that keeps the building up got to take home a couple of boxes of food.  I kept things I could use to cook for the students next semester.

I am so excited because we are starting to make friends with people on our floor.  We took treats to them on Halloween and Thanksgiving.  We took homemade fudge to the building Christmas party on Wednesday.  Tonight our door bell rang and three of the ladies on our floor had made cookies together and had brought us some.  Beverly, Ellen, and Sally came in and even stayed for a while and visited with us.  I was so glad the condo was spotless because it really needed to be cleaned.  We told them about our sour dough waffles that we were making and told them that in January after Christmas was over we would have them for waffles.  They said they would come.  We had a fun visit with them.  We also know two other ladies on our floor so we are slowly making new friends and they know us.  So today was a productive day.  But we do miss our interns.

I rearranged the front room. We got tie backs for the curtains. 

I like how our room looks now. 


  1. It was like that in Jerusalem. We had 15 weeks with each semester of students. By the time they left we knew all their names and quite a bit about each one. 400 + students later all we have left are their thank-you notes and sweet memories. Savor each day and each group.

  2. That's great that some women on your floor came to visit you! Those sour dough waffles are delicious. They are getting a real treat!