The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, December 19, 2014

Winding up.

We are about done with our part of the clean up. The cleaning crews will be in Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for the deep cleaning.  We cleaned up the library today and have a bunch of books and old manuals that need to be disposed of.  We got the new dishes clean and the got them in the cupboards.  All the laundry is done.  Those around us are getting ready to start taking off for Christmas.

Elder Anthony was asked to take Brother Cottle to the hospital.  He is the bishop of his ward and they had a little new born baby being put in the hospital today and Brother Cottle had taken mass transit in today and there were no buses that went to the hospital so Elder Anthony volunteered to take him so Brother Cottle could give the baby a blessing.  It is strange for us to be separated for that long.  

We had some workmen in today doing some odd and end jobs.  Elder Anthony was overseeing their work.  Our lady that takes care of the building was doing repairs in the room.

This morning we took our Christmas treat out to our neighbors.  We took a large tray of Snikerdoodle cookies to the front desk and a plate to the Barlow Center.

We got the nicest note tonight when we came home.  This is someone we haven't even met yet.  The card said, "Dear Elder and Sister Anthony, Thank you for your holiday wishes over the Thanksgiving and Christmas Season.  It is so kind of you to remember your neighbors and remind us of the true meaning of the holiday season. We have 15 neighbors on our floor.  We are slowly getting to know them.

The inner city youth center had a Christmas party tonight so we decided to go and meet with some of the young adults there.  We are trying to get a institute class going there.  We had a readers theater about a Christmas pageant. We each took parts and read them.  It was a really a cute story.  They had a dinner after.  On the way we saw the most unusual event.  In this big shopping area there is a plaza.  There was a live nativity set up with music and real people and real animals.  Little kids could pet the sheep.  They even had a donkey.

Live nativity in the plaza.  

Some of the young people at the Youth Center in DC.  They are going to do a service project on Monday and tie this quilt.  


  1. You'll be glad you saved all these precious experiences in pictures and dialogue. When you get home, you'll have to make a blog book to savor them all again.

  2. That is really neat that they allow the children to pet the animals. I think my kids would love to interact with the animals.