The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Friday, December 26, 2014

Work day

We got to bed so late last night that our start for the day was also late.  We did get some quiet time at the Barlow today and we both got a lot of work done.  We took a few minutes off around noon because it was warm and took a walk.  Georgetown was buzzing with people.

We are getting excited to meet our new interns.  We got pictures today and names.  The last minute preparations are about to begin.

We came home for dinner and I decided to cook a big ham we got on sale that has been sitting in the fridge.  We got it for half price so we decided to cook it and cut it up so we could freeze parts of it for later.  I was also working on things we could make for students after class.  One of those items will be red beans and rice.  I will have the meat ready and the bones cooked down.

There was no one in the Barlow today but us. So it was very quiet.

Crystal made me a calendar for Christmas.  I hung it up in my office today. 

I have had Gabe on my mind.  Lisa sent me this picture.  It gave me peace to know that he was visited for Christmas. 

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