The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pres. Cook

We had the first appointment this morning to meet with Pres. Cook our mission president for couple interviews. This is our first interviews with him since we have arrived. We were commanded by his secretary that we had 25 min. and then we were out.  They were about ten minutes late starting but we were there 25 minutes early so we were not the hold up.  At 25 after the hour we were reminded our time was up which was fine.  We came prepared to share with President what our responsibilities were and what we have been doing since we arrived.   We decided to put it in writing so if he was interested he could read through it or toss it.  What was great about this writing exercise it helped us see what we had accomplished and what was ahead of us. Our mission president was excited about what we have been doing and what some of our plans are.  He is such a great man.  He is gracious and I don't think he ever stops working. I talked to a mission president once that said the pressure was so intense that he got vertigo and had to lay in bed because he just couldn't keep going.  Pres. Cook has been a three star general and he knows how to deal with the troop.  We are so blessed to have him.  I doubt you will want to read the following but if you really want to know what we have been doing this covers it.  

Barlow Center Senior Missionary Responsibilities, Plans and Accomplishments
October 15, 2014 through January 2015

Our Responsibilities as missionaries in the DC North Mission are three fold.  The first is Barlow Center Management.
  1. Ongoing Barlow Center activities:
    1. Preparation of the Barlow Center for newly arriving interns.
                                                    i.     Providing emergency services for Barlow Interns including:
1.      Providing 24/7 security services
2.      Moving students to and from medical care facilities
                                                   ii.     Washing, drying, folding, and allocating bedding.
                                                  iii.     Inventory control and replacement of kitchen items
1.      Silverware
2.      Pots and Pans
3.      Appliances
                                                  iv.     Preparation of packets containing
1.      Keys
2.      Information items
3.   Inspecting dorm rooms
                                                   v.     Greeting new interns and conducting familiarity tours of the Barlow Center
                                                  vi.     Establish relationships of trust with interns by inviting them in groups to dinner at our apartment on Sundays
                                                vii.     We provide blessings to interns on request – two this past week.

    1.  Maintenance
                                                    i.     Weekly meetings with the building maintenance employee 
                                                   ii.     Parking administration
                                                  iii.     WIFI administration, maintenance, upgrade
                                                  iv.     Heating and air conditioning
                                                   v.     Center scheduling
1.      Classes
2.      Conferences
3.      Missionary discussions
  1. Barlow Center Improvement Programs since 10/15/2014
    1. Software Systems
                                                    i.     Installation of a new electronic keying system
                                                   ii.     Driver and configuration management for the WIFI
    1.  Heating and air conditioning renovation
                                                    i.     Air Distribution revamp
                                                   ii.     Boiler system maintenance and temperature resets
  1. Upcoming Barlow Center projects for 2015
    1. Key and Fob audit
    2. Manage the remodel of the Foyer
    3. Manage the installation of a new boiler and a water treatment system
    4. Prepare and Propose a new system of linen distribution for the building
                                                    i.     Finish obtaining bids for bedding
                                                   ii.     Collect estimates for laundering bedding
                                                  iii.     Present proposal to the EOCC
    1.  Feasibility study and proposal preparation for presentation to the EOCC on the surplusing of unused and abandoned  equipment in the building
    2. Preparation and presentation of a maintenance contract for the following entities:
                                                    i.     Mechanical contractor
                                                   ii.     Boiler contractor
                                                  iii.     Elevator contractor
4.      Preparing for and Hosting dignitaries at the Barlow Center

The second part of our missionary activity as the Barlow Center Senior missionaries involves the effective use of the Barlow Center as a missionary tool. 
1.       The Barlow Center is an asset for the accomplishing missionary work in the central Washington DC area.  At the current time it is being used as a missionary tool in the following ways
a.      A teaching facility for both the young Elders and Sisters
b.      We assists when asked by the young Elders and Sisters to teaching the missionary discussions to investigators.
c.      We use the institute class taught at the Barlow Center to teach both members and non-members.
2.       Future plans to use the Barlow Center as a missionary tool include the following:
a.      The Senior Missionaries over Family History in the Washington DC North Mission have been contacted by us about holding a regular open door session for local foot traffic and for neighbors.  This session could be held on a weekday at noon or on other days and times during the week.  In addition, both the young Elders and Sisters have been contacted about being available to assist with walk-in traffic.  The young Elders and Sisters have agreed that this would be a valuable use of their time as we are able to attract local passer-byes and residents.
b.      We, in conjunction with the Barlow Center interns who are on the DC 2nd Ward missionary committee have proposed a targeted missionary/humanitarian event later in the spring. 
                                                    i.     I have contacted close friends in the Humanitarian Department of the Church to see when Church Humanitarian Officials will be in the DC area.  The event is to be scheduled around their visit.
                                                   ii.     The Barlow Students are planning to invite individuals in the offices where they work to participate in a humanitarian project which will be done at the Barlow Center in conjunction with the visit from Humanitarian Services mentioned above.
                                                  iii.     The guest from Humanitarian Services will be given time to explain the Humanitarian programs of the church to all those participating in the project.  In addition the same person will provide information about the Church and expose young professional non-members to the Church and to its humanitarian efforts.    
3.      The Barlow Center interns are another important key to our mission plan.  They represent assets which are mobile. In cooperation with the DC 2nd Ward missionary committee, the members of the committee will be assigned specific nights during the week to participate in missionary work at the DC Young Adult Center.  The night we are most involved with is Wednesday evenings

Third area of responsibility - CES Institute Responsibilities:  As CES missionaries we feel a great need to increase attendance of the young adults in any institute class in the area. We have been assigned four classes to teach. 
a.      Monday Class:  Taught in the Longworth Congress building.  We have been able to bring the class from 2 actively participating members to 7.  This has been accomplished by passing out flyers and visiting all of the congressmen and senators offices from the state of Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona and a few from Wyoming and Colorado just before the new semester started.  This effort has not only increased the attendance at our Monday class but increased the attendance of the Friday class taught by Brother Cottle in the senate buildings.
b.      Tuesday Class:  Taught at the Barlow Center. We started with about 4 students.  Last week he had 17 in attendance.   In the past the class was held primarily for Barlow students.  By being a member of the welcome committee  of the DC 2nd Ward we have gathered email address of all new move in to the DC 2nd ward which includes new interns from other universities around the country and sent out weekly reminders to attend institute at the Chevy Chase Ward or the Barlow Center.  For the first time we had more students in attendance from other universities than we had from the Barlow students.  We are committed to seeing that the doors of the Barlow are opened to all members in the DC down town area.
c.      Wednesday Class: Taught at the DC Youth Center Building. We will be teaching Wednesday Evenings at the DC Youth Center.  The goal is to get inactive members with their nonmember friends to come to class. 
d.      Thursday Class:  Taught at the King Street Church. We have been assigned to teach a class for young mothers with small children in the Alexandria Area.  That class has grown from 4 to 6 members. If we get one more member we will need to arrange for a nursery during the class because last week we taught with 14 children in the nursery playing. 
3.            We team teach each of these classes. In addition to teaching the classes we also spend a considerable time preparing our lesson.  We tried teaching two different classes, one in the New Testament and one in the Doctrine and Covenants.  The preparation time became so overwhelming that this semester we are only teaching New Testament.    This has enable us to do a better job of preparing to teach and then adjust the class for different audiences. 
4.            We also prepare the munch and mingle treats that are provided after the class.  This involves planning, shopping, and preparing a large amount of food especially as the classes increase in size. 
5.            We meet every Monday with our CES Coordinator Brother Cottle and his support specialist to go over the institute business.

Missionary Plans:
1.      We seek to talk about the Church to any willing listener as we travel around the area. 
2.      We have discussed with the family history missionary couple the possibly of having the Barlow Center open to foot traffic through the noon hours at least one day a week.  We have discussed this with the sisters and elders in the area and they would be willing to man the building for the few hours it would be open.  Our challenge now is getting a couple of computers to use so people coming in would be able to work in the great room.
3.      We serve on the missionary committee of the DC 2nd Ward. 
4.      We have taught non-members in our institute classes.  We encourage members to bring their friends. 

Challenges we are facing:
1.      The travel time involved in going to our classes whether in our car or the metro.  This is just an adjustment to big city life. 
2.      Some minor health issues.  Sister Anthony has had some knee problems. 
1.      Serving together as couple and having a common goal and work has been a very awarding experience. 
2.      Studying and preparing lessons together keeps us in the scriptures and blesses our life. 

3.      We love the area and being able to walk together to get to most things we need.  

Friday, January 30, 2015

Bake Day

Susana is our maintenance lady at the Barlow.  She is from El Salvado.  She loves my cinnamon rolls.  I love her empanadas. I gave her the recipe and she tried making rolls and said they were so bad that she had to throw them out.  She said her husband said if you could learn to make these it would be the best.  So we decided that today I would bring the supplies and show her how to make cinnamon rolls and she would bring everything to make empanadas and teach me how to make them.  Then we started to think about the students sitting in their seminar class smelling all the great smells.  So I made a huge batch so the students could have cinnamon rolls for break and Susana could have a tray to take home.

Susana taught me how to make empanadas and they are right tasty.  It was a long day on our feet by the time we finished all our cooking and cleaning up the kitchen.  Everyone loved the cinnamon rolls. Those who were privileged to get empanadas loved them.

I sat in on the last 30 minutes of a guest speaker the students had at the Barlow today.

We walked back and forth across the street today.  Elder Anthony had two more crossings than I did.  I helped Lilly across the street today to catch the bus she was worried about falling.  We took our stuff over this morning.  Then we had to make two trips to get things back home.  After we were home and were taking our coats off one of our interns called and asked Elder Anthony for a blessing.  So we walked back over.  That was a very sweet experience.  This week Elder Anthony gave two blessings.  One on Tuesday evening and one today.  I am so impressed that these young students seek help from the Lord and are so humble.

Tonight is laundry night.

I found the most beautiful scriptures this morning.  It brought such peace to my soul.  D&C 98:1-3. In verse 1 the Lord tells us to give thanks in everything.  Sometime when life seems difficult or we have worries and concerns it is hard remember to give thanks.  Verse two and three says "Waiting patiently on the Lord, for your prayers have entered into the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth, and are recorded with this seal and testament-the Lord hath sworn and decreed that they shall be granted. Therefore, he giveth this promise unto you, with an immutable covenant that they shall be fufilled; and all things wherewith you have been afflicted shall work together for your good, and to my names's glory, saith the Lord."  I love those verses.  What a comfort to know that the Lord knows my concerns and is listening.  Those verses made my day.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday Class

Our Thursday class with our mothers was so great because everyone was there.  Our class was put on list serve and a man in the area that is home during the day asked if he could also come to class.  He brought his little girl and was a wonderful addition to our class. We had six students and 14 children today.  It is a miracle that we can accomplish anything.  Yet these sisters are always so inspiring and teach me some much about faith and trust in the Lord.  The red beans and rice are gone.  I thought I had enough to feed our Monday class but they are gone.  I had made a big pan last night of corn bread and divided it in half for both classes so I had the cornbread but nothing to go with it.  I decided to make clam chowder.  I made a batch last night for our dinner and decided with just a few more ingredients that I would double the batch and have soup for Monday with the corn bread.

It seems like we get to do a lot of cooking.  I think people are always hungry and something homemade really hits the spot.  So today we taught, shopped, worked and cooked.  That sums up the day.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

We Got HIm!!!!!!

I reported that a week ago we saw a little mouse run through our condo.  The next day we got deCon and a couple of old fashion mouse traps and got ready to engage battle.  He didn't fall for our bait and we haven't seen him for a week.  Tonight Elder Anthony was in the bedroom studying when he saw our mouse.  Not  in our bedroom. The chase was on.  We got the vacuum, the broom and flash light. I am afraid of a mouse but I was enlisted because Elder Anthony need someone to man the broom.  He told me I could be the one that flush him out or bangs him in the head.  Well that little mouse was fast.  We got him cornered in the closet and lost him.  Elder Anthony was down on the ground with the flashlight and a clothes hanger trying to get in the smallest corner to see where he went.  He turned to talk to me and our little mouse ran right past him into another corner.  Good thing I saw him because Elder Anthony didn't see him.  I knew where he was and as Elder Anthony was flushing him out he ran out right over the top of his leg and back under the bed.  By the time we got to the bed he was gone.  We figured he had headed to the corner he had originally been in right behind the book shelf.  We started pulling out the bookshelf and our mouse made a mistake he was under the shelf but he left his tail out.  Elder Anthony grabbed the broom and with the handle end pin his tail to the rug so that little guy could not squirm out.  Elder Anthony had me move the bookshelf and there he was. We took an old sour cream containers and put it over him.  The next job was getting a stiff piece of paper to slide under the container so he couldn't escape.  I opened up the sliding door and Elder Anthony went to our balcony which looks over the garbage can.  I shut the door to make sure he wouldn't run back into the condo and Elder Anthony threw him out into the cold night.  He plopped down in the patio on the ground floor and the little guy took off running.  I hope he can't figure how to get back in.  He will have plenty of food to eat if he can keep from freezing.

 We went to the temple today.  We did an endowment session and a sealing session after. We had a stack of names for sealings.  The session was so small we were the witness couple.  There was a total of seven people.  In our sealing session the sealer told us the sweetest story.  He said a few weeks ago a young lady came to do sealings.  She asked if she could be a daughter and seal daughters to their parents.  He said yes.  They did the first name and this young sister broke down in uncontrollable crying.  She apologized and he told her there was no problem.  She said three days ago I gave birth to a little girl who only lived a couple of hours.  She said I have been so full of sorrow and I kept praying for peace.  I got the answer that I should come and be a part of sealing daughters to their mothers.  I should give some other mother the greatest gift possible to have her daughter for eternity. If I only do this one sealing I will feel content.  She went on to help in the sealing of others.  He said I couldn't believe she was in the temple so shortly after giving birth and she was willing to give such a special gift to someone else.

It is easy to forget that these are real people that are waiting for these sacred ordinances not just a name.   I am so grateful for that blessing in my life.  What a wonderful comfort it is to know that if we do our best we can be together forever.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

They Came!

It snowed today.  Snow in DC is nothing like in Utah but it seems to paralyze the city.  Schools are cancelled often.  Those snow days are factored into the school year.  We got up and instead of exercising we went to the Barlow to shovel off our inch and a half of snow.  Our lady that does the building couldn't come in because her daughter's school was cancelled. So we got the walks done and salted.  We did some of the public sidewalks around us that we use.  I will admit that we did it for our own benefit because last time it snowed it got packed down and you felt you were taking your life into your hands to walk home.  While we were shoveling people were walking by and one man past and looked back at me as if to say who are you.  Why are you willing to shovel the walks and bless everyone's day.  It hit me, why don't we do this for our service to the community project.  It doesn't take that long and it is truly appreciated.  So I think from now on we will shovel the public walks around the Barlow.

We didn't go to the temple today as we usually do on Tuesdays just because of the snow. We were not afraid of the snow but we are afraid of the other drivers in snow.  We will go tomorrow instead.  We spent the day reading for our next lesson.  I listened to a training video and heard the church news announcement today.  I love it.  They were saying basically no one should be persecuted for their believes.  We need to learn to live with different views without shoving your beliefs down someone else throat.  There shouldn't be name calling and persecution for  a person holding to their own believes as long as it does not injure life of safety of others.  It was a great news conference.

A few weeks ago I vented my frustration at having only 4 students attend our first class.  We had the largest class tonight that we have taught since we came.  We had 17 attend.  The most surprising part was that only 8 were our Barlow interns.  The rest are interns and students from other schools. We have been working hard to invite others to take institute.  That made me so happy that we are reaching those students and they are coming.  They loved the red beans and rice and corn bread.  One of the students asked if she could get a ride home after.  She lived several miles away.  No one drives so we took her.  Before we did another young lady had asked if Elder Anthony could give her a blessing.  She is taking the GRE on Thursday and  she asked for blessing.  After she said  thank you for being here for me.  My family is so far away and it is like you are my Mom and Dad.  Well it is 11:00 p.m. and past our bed time.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Snowing in DC

We had a great meeting today with our coordinator.  We were able to give feed back on our meeting on Saturday.  I gave the thought and I used what I learned from the scriptures today.  I have been reading in D&C 97.  I had some verses hit me with greater insight this morning.  When I went to use them for my thought and got out my regular scriptures I already had the verses marked but they hadn't meant the same to me when I originally marked them or I had forgotten.  In D&C 97:11-12 I saw in a different light.  I pay tithing and sacrifice for my own salvation.  Tithing builds temples that bring me back into God's presences.  The temple is a house for thanksgiving, and for instructions.   It says the temple is for instruction for all those who are called to the work of the ministry in all their several callings and offices.  So I concluded that going to the temple enables the Lord to teach me how to be a more effective missionary and how to accomplish the work. Then I really loved 97:16 which says "my presence shall be there, for I will come into it, and all the pure in heart that shall come into it shall see God."  I love the temple.  I have not seen the Lord with my physical eyes in the temple but I have felt Him there.  I have heard Him speaking.  I have felt His arms of love.

We went to our class on the hill today.  We are getting more students.  We had 7 there and one was not a member.  There was a good feeling in the class and it was a fun class.  I took two loaves of homemade bread, peanut butter, jam, and honey and all of the bread was eaten.  People really like homemade bread.

The young man over our family home evening group called this morning and asked us to do the refreshments for family home evening.  Elder Anthony informed him that we don't usually do the treat or lesson but to get him started we would bring the treat.  I came home after working today to make cookies.  I made two pinterest  recipes.  I am always pinning recipes and not making very many of them.  I tried an oatmeal cookie recipe and mint grasshopper cookie recipe.

It is snowing tonight and cold.  It will be interesting to see what the roads look like tomorrow.  I was glad to come home tonight to our warm condo.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dinner Guests 60 through 66

We have started feeding our Barlow interns for Sunday dinner.  We have decided to take them 6 at a time instead of 4 at a time so we can have some Sundays off.  It is fun to invited them into our home to sit around a table and to eat together.  They are so excited for a home cooked meal and there is something about breaking bread together with people that starts melting walls and barriers.  It if fun to hear a little about them and to see them in a casual environment.  I am really glad we decided to do this.  We really don't alter the menu.  We have pork roast (which is the cheapest meat around right now), potatoes, gravy, corn, carrots, grapes and pineapple or some other fruit, sometimes we have muffins, and then some kind of desert.   Today our desert was brownies with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Church was great.  We are on the welcoming committee and the missionary committee. I was assigned to greet people at the door and hand out bulletins today.   I was so excited to see all of our Barlow interns get callings today in the ward.  We have four that our on our missionary committee.  It was so fun to see these young people excited about their new callings and ready to go to work.  One young man said I love this internship even the ward we are in.  These young people are so sharp and have so much to offer.  We have another great group to work with.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Blog By Elder Anthony

Today we arose about the same time we do every other morning, however, we were off by 7:50 to an area seminary inservice training session.  Although we were not required to attend this training we both felt that it would be good to learn how the area was approaching teaching since the classes were taught by the four area coordinators, Brother Cottle (our coordinator), Brother Monson, Brother Bracey, and Brother Premont.  The second reason we wanted to attend was that they were discussing topics that were of great interest to us; Seeking Truth: Responding to Difficult Questions, Parables from the Doctrine and Covenants, D&C 121 - Lessons from Liberty (Jail), and D&C 132 - Plural Marriage.  The third reason we went is because the meeting was held in our mission at the Washington DC Stake Center.  
We arrived at the stake center at 8:30 and were treated to a continental breakfast. The meeting began shortly after 9AM with an introduction and at 9:20 we broke into classes.  Sherrie and I attended the classes in the order shown above although you could attend in any order you desired since all the classes were taught four times.  We saw four very different teaching styles which, in and of itself, made the training worthwhile.  One of the classes  helped us reevaluate our own classroom techniques while the other three dealt with more doctrinal subjects.
The second class we attended was based upon the parables that are found in the Doctrine and Covenants.  There are seven that were presented, of which, three are found exclusively in the D&C.  The four that are found in other scriptures are presented differently in the D&C and we looked at the differences.
The third class we attended was on the 121st section of the Doctrine and Covenants.  We studied the background information that went into the revelation (which is found in The History of the Church).  This was really interesting because we saw more clearly through Joseph's eyes the difficulties that the church was having in those years.
The fourth class we attended was on Plural Marriage.  The instructor was quite blunt and did a great job with a tough subject.  It was interesting to look around and see all the seminary teachers who had no idea of the practices and doctrine surrounding this commandment.
The area office (Lydia - our administrative assistant in the Barlow Center) did a nice job of arranging lunch for all of us at the end of the training.
Following the training I took Sherrie over to JC Penneys.  Last month she found a hair stylist there that she REALLY like.  I will admit that the woman was a real pro. However, the lady retired at the end of December so we were looking for someone else that could do her hair.  Well, as luck would have it we found someone else there who did a great job on Sherrie's hair.  Both of these ladies have had years of experience and it seems that that is a requirement in order to keep Sherrie's hairstyle looking really sharp.
Once we finished with the stylist at JC Penney's we took our lives in our hands and made our way home.  We went for two short walks but have spent the majority of the evening preparing our institute lessons for next week.  In between keystrokes Sherrie prepared Red Beans and Rice for our classes next week and baked brownies for dinner with our Barlow Students tomorrow.
This year marks the 100th anniversary of James E. Talmage's ground breaking Book, Jesus the Christ. It is the only book to be written in the Salt Lake Temple. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Happy Anniversary 39 years

Today is our anniversary.  It is interesting being on a mission with your spouse.  You see each other in a renewed light.  You marry thinking you know this person and then life starts happening,  You both go your ways doing your thing and before you know it you live almost two separate lives.  It has been interesting to me to reunite.  There have been a few things that we have needed to work out to try and make living together 24/7 a peaceful experience.  The more we are together the more we think alike which is frightening sometimes.  I am so grateful for my permanent companion and for this experience to do the Lord's work and build our own relationship.

January 23, 1976

When I look at these two young adults.  I see such innocence, dreams, and expectations.  Then life gets a hold of you and reality hits and life is hard, expectations don't materialize and you find out that marriage is a lot of hard work, an uncompromising commitment to honor your covenants and a determination to make your marriage succeed.

We got a message yesterday that the executive secretary for Elder Paul Johnson was going to be to the Barlow Center with the area director Brother Clark. Elder Paul Johnson use to be over the seminary and institute program for the Church until he was called as a general authority and is assigned over the seminary and institute program.  When I was hired he was the one that I got to meet and interview with.  When we got the notice every one was worried why Elder Johnson's executive secretary was coming here.  We were so excited.  Mark is our very good friend.  In fact he was the one that hand delivered our mission call to us as soon as it was assigned.  He goes back a long way with us.  Elder Anthony worked with him when he worked for the Church. They got their doctorate degrees together and  I taught two of his sons in seminary.  We went to PF Chang for dinner.  It was so fun to meet with him and renew some good memories.

We had a happy anniversary.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The mystery

We have a mystery that I haven't been able to solve.  It is the mystery of the missing pan.  Our kitchen in the Barlow had an extra large pan in it.  I used it to cook for my classes.  After Christmas I went looking for the pan and it was missing.  I asked all around and even accused a lady on the second floor but no one seemed to know anything about the pan. If anyone would have taken it it would have been me.  But I don't have room in my condo for a pan that size.  I had to use two smaller pans to make soup in for our first class.  I finally asked our coordinator if I could purchase a new  16 quart pan.  I studied all the reviews and tried to get the best pan for the best price.  It came today so it will be fun to try it out.  I have stock ready for red beans and rice.  I hope that old pan doesn't reappear since we got a new or I will feel dumb.  

We taught our mothers today.  It is always such a joy to teach them.  Two of our mothers are now pregnant.  Zion is growing.

We have been worried about our little grandson today.  He had his tonsils out.

How could you take that sweet innocent little guy in and bring him home so miserable.  He has sure been in our prayers.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

War has commenced

We spent the whole day working at the Barlow.  We left at noon and walked a short distance to the ACE hardware we came out with mouse traps and Decon.  So war has begun against our new little fury roommate.  We set the traps but he has not fallen for the bait, YET.

Our young friends left this morning at 4:20 a.m. to go to the airport.  Shirley has heading home and Danny was going back to Virginia to go to school.   I was worried they would not hear their alarms so I really didn't sleep well until they left at 4:45 a.m.

It has been a very productive day.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

We have house guest

Tonight we have house guests.  My very good friend Niki's daughter Shirley is headed home and needed a place to sleep tonight.  Her boyfriend is taking her to the airport tomorrow morning at 6 in the morning.  It was fun to visit with them and hear about home.

We have another house guest that is not welcomed tonight.  Elder Anthony just saw a mouse go running across the floor.  That guest has to go.  I don't share the house with a mouse.

We went to the temple this morning for the first time this year.  They just opened the temple today.  I also made bread when we got home for our treat after class tonight.  It turned out wonderful.  I was so happy.  We had 9 students out tonight.  We were really happy to get an intern from the University of Utah and one from Weber State.  Our lesson went well and I am so happy we have decided to just teach one subject.  We both were able to give our all and it felt a lot better.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Martin Luther King Day

We didn't even go over to the Barlow Center today.  We were suppose to have FHE tonight but the students cancel to go to a program tonight at the Kennedy Center. We got up late this morning so it really felt like a holiday.  We worked all morning long on our lesson for tomorrow evening.  We left later in the afternoon and walked over to Corner Bakery for lunch.  It was so nice outside that after lunch we just kept walking.  I love the buildings in DC.  We walked up Sixteenth Street.  There are so many churches and embassy and fun buildings.  We ended up walking  two and a half miles.  Then we grabbed a bus and and rode home only because my knee was starting to rebel or we would have walked home.

We had fun calling some of our kids today.  It was Cierra's birthday today.  She is 11 years old where has the time gone. The years just fad away.

I called to wish Grandma Larsen happy birthday.  She is 92.

I got another batch of names extracted from family search.

Pictures from our walk today.

When walking around DC there is a monument to somebody on every corner.  

We walked for about a mile and a half up Sixteenth Street.  Look at the cool buildings we saw.  I love to look at the buildings.  They are so unique.

This building says Family Matters.  This is their organization.  The plate below shows their name. 

There are lots of row houses in DC

There are so many streets coming from strange angels that some of the buildings are thin on the tip and then go wider in the back. 

There are so many embassy and other countries buildings that every time you turn around there is another one.  These where on Sixteenth Street.

Some of the buildings are smaller.

Some are huge mansions that are all fenced in. 

On Sixteenth Street there are tons of Churches.  That is where the first LDS Church was built and sold.  The building that took it's place is also on Sixteenth Street.

This is a Masonic Temple

I think this was a Baptist Church



This was at the Masonic temple. 

This is another Masonic temple right next to the old Mormon church. 

We kept walking up Sixteenth Street because we wanted to see the old Mormon Church up close.  It now belongs to the Unitarians.

The building really is in ruff shape.  They may have to take it down. 

Last of all on our bus ride home while we were at the transfer point I noticed the American Legions building.

This is our walking tour for today. Orem doesn't have cool buildings like these.