The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Saturday, February 28, 2015


We were to have 3 fridges picked up before noon today.  We waited all morning and one girl picked hers up and the other two called just at the last at the last moment.  I told them we would only be there until 12:30.  I got a call at 12:20 that the last person scheduled to pick up their fridge couldn't make it today.  We got some work done in spite of the waiting.

We normally go to the store in the afternoon on our way home from teaching or the temple.  We made the mistake of going today.  Everyone in Washington is out on Saturday.  It wasn't bad to get out of town but once out it was a mess.  We won't make that mistake again.  I had scheduled to have my hair cut.

We were so glad to get home.  I have been cooking ever since.  We have our last group of Barlow interns coming for dinner tomorrow and then we will take a break.  I made a cheese ball and veg. dip for Tuesday's and Wednesday class.  Monday class will get left over cheese sauce for nachos.  Thursday class will probably get split pea soup.  I am making a big batch because I want to get my freezer cleaned out and I have a ham hock I wanted to get rid of.  After having two large freezer for so many years it is hard to live with a refrigerator freezer.  It is way to small.  But we are thankful for what we have.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Sad eyes

Sad Eyes:
I travel in the metro day after day and look into the eyes of people that come and go from work and appointments. There are time I am riveted to a face.  Wednesday there was such a face.  A pretty woman dressed nicely looking very competent with sad eyes.  She reminded me of my sister many years ago with brown hair to her shoulders and pretty brown eyes that betrayed her self- sufficiency.  Her eyes made me want to know her and to understand the hurt that resided behind those lenses. 
Her body language spoke of exhaustion from the day’s work and a need for a place to curl up and escape.   Her posture reminded me of the song from Whitney Houston called Run to Me.
“Each day, each day I play the role
Of someone always in control
But at night I come home and turn the key
There's nobody there, no one cares for me
Oh woah, what's the sense of trying hard to find your dreams
Without someone to share them with
Tell me what does it mean”
I thought of my daughters and daughter-in-laws posting pictures of their little children crying and wanting to be with them every minute.  How do you get a shower or make dinner at night when you seem to always have a child wanting to be with you. 

couldn't help but reflect on the how hard it is to be a mother when you feel like you can’t breathe without having someone need you.  You go until you reach a point of  absolute exhaustion every day. But seasons change and that little one that couldn't even eat without your help is soon running and going to school.  Your heart swells with a pride when you see that child exceed and receive honors and recognitions.  The day arrives when you are so humbled to have had the privilege of being their parent.  You watch them become better than you are, smarter, wiser, and filled with talents and abilities that you admire.  These great people call you Mom and you are so overwhelmed to have served that role in their development. 
I looked into the eyes of a very dear friend of one of my children.  Her eyes still beam with hope as she fills her life with good things and service to God’s children.  She reminds me of Wednesday bake day that occurred each week at our home.  She loved to participate in the day and the goodies that came from the oven of my love. She tells me that her greatest hope would be to have a Wednesday bake day for her own family.  She patiently waits while my grandchildren cry and demand attention from their mothers NOW. 
The 20 year old Nanny works ten hours a day.  She arrives in the morning as Mom and Dad leave to go to work.  She is the one that will get the little 10 month old girl up for the day.  She will dress her, feed her, comfort her, play with her and meet her needs for the day.  If Mom has to leave town she will also stay and put her down for the night because Dad isn’t comfortable with that job.  At times she tells me that she has received a call from the Mom wondering how she can get the little girl to settle down and go to bed.  Their child is a novelty a play toy.  They have the same responsibility for her as they would their pet dog or cat.  They make sure her basic needs are met. The Nanny is heart is broken because this little one needs her and her position is only for three months and then she will leave.  What will happen to this little one? Will the next Nanny love her?
Sister Julie Beck, General Relief Society President, gave a talk several years ago about the doctrine of the family.  She said, “The Creation of the earth was the creation of an earth where a family could live. It was a creation of a man and a woman who were the two essential halves of a family. It was not about a creation of a man and a woman who happened to have a family.”(Teaching the Doctrine of the Family, Seminary and Institutes of Religion Satellite Broadcast August 4, 2009)

The Lord would teach all throughout the scriptures (Malachi 4:5-6,D&C 2, D&C 110: 15,JS-History 1:39)  that unless hearts of the children turned to the promises of the fathers, the whole earth would be utterly wasted at the Lord’s coming.  The earth was created so we could create families.  If the family is destroyed through changing laws, careers taking precedence, liberation of abortion, people not marrying and having children, mothers and fathers so over whelmed with their families that they desert them, or not having the opportunity to have a family, the purpose for us to be here will be wasted. I am not saying that we will not still grow and learn and that decisions of others which affect the ability of those who want families will not be made right.  What I am saying is that Satan is trying to destroy families as well as individual moral agency. 

The Lord creates, edifies, and enlarges our sphere.  Satan destroys, deflates, and isolates.  The Lord says of those that choose to do evil that they will be left with “neither root nor branches.”  (Malachi 4:1) They will be left without a past or a future. In other words Satan will destroy our past and our future if he possibly can. Isn’t it interesting that in recent news stories ISIS targets have been the destruction of artifacts that tie us to our past.  Examples of his philosophy can be found in homosexual life style.  Children raised in homes with only one of their parents cannot fully connect their children with their past. It takes a father and a mother to create a child.  Where there is only half of the parentage in the lives of children one half is missing.  This can be a challenge for adopted children.  Often there is an emptiness in their lives as they desire to know of their past. Adopted children can vicariously enjoy the union of a mother and a father with the inherent desire to create. Children of divorced parents can suffer this same loss.   There is an increase in single mothers whose children only know a part of their past. 

Sister Julie Beck went on to describe our day, “We know, from our studies here at Church headquarters concerning the rising generation, that our youth are increasingly less confident in the institution of families. They are less confident in their ability to form a successful eternal family. Because they are less confident in families, they’re placing more and more value on education and less and less importance on forming an eternal family.
“We know, from visiting with them and conducting studies, that they show a lack of faith in their ability to be successful in families.
“They don’t see forming families as a faith-based work. For them, it’s a selection process much like shopping. They don’t see it as something that the Lord will bless them and help them to accomplish. They also distrust their own moral strength and the moral strength of their peers.
“Because temptations are so fierce, they aren’t sure they can be successful in keeping covenants. They also have insufficient and underdeveloped social skills, which are an impediment to them in forming eternal families.
We also have the problem that we read about in Ephesians 6:12: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” This is the world our young people are growing up in. They are in this world where there is “spiritual wickedness in high places.” Public policies are being made every day that are antifamily, and the definition of family is changing legally around the world. Concerning spiritual wickedness, we could call attention to pornography, which is rampant. The use of pornography among our youth is growing. The new target audience for those who create pornography is young women. There are media messages everywhere that are antifamily, and our young people are very connected with media—Internet, television, the things they receive on their phones, all electronic devices are delivering antifamily messages to them every day. Increasingly, our youth are seeing no reason to form a family or get married in spite of all the teaching you give them. They are being desensitized about the need to form eternal families.
Everything depended on a man and a woman who understood their place in the plan and their responsibilities to form an eternal family, to bear children, and to teach them.” (Teaching the Doctrine of the Family, Seminary and Institutes of Religion Satellite Broadcast August 4, 2009)
So my weary daughters and daughter-in-laws I pray that your eyes will continue to sparkle with the joy of your current calling.  Your life is full of happy times as well as stressful exhaustion.  I promise seasons will change and your position will change and this special time you have been given will slowly change until your children don’t really need you anymore.  But even then your past is well known and your future is happening right in front of your eyes. President Kimball said in 1980, “Many of the social restraints which in the past have helped to reinforce and to shore up the family are dissolving and disappearing. The time will come when only those who believe deeply and actively in the family will be able to preserve their families in the midst of the gathering evil around us.
“… There are those who would define the family in such a nontraditional way that they would define it out of existence. … “We of all people, brothers and sisters, should not be taken in by the specious arguments that the family unit is somehow tied to a particular phase of development a moral society is going through. We are free to resist those moves which downplay the significance of the family and which play up the significance of selfish individualism. We know the family to be eternal. We know that when things go wrong in the family, things go wrong in every other institution in society” (in Conference Report, Oct. 1980, 3–4; or Ensign, Nov. 1980, 4).

May you be the defenders of the family!  May you savor each day and give your children an extra hug as you look into their innocent eyes and anticipate the future that lies ahead.  You have been handed a rich past of loving parents and grandparents and extended family.  You know where you have come from don’t forget to enjoy your future as you wipe away the tears and change the dirty diapers.  Next time you visit Grandma Larsen look deeply in her eyes for you will see peace and gratitude for her future which you are a part of.  Your time will pass quickly. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rocky start

This morning started off snowing.  It looked like it was going to be another miserable day.  We listened to the radio and they started announcing school closings.  The snow was to go until 12:00 p.m.  Some work places were being offered a late start to work.  It seemed like a day we should cancel our mothers class.  If their other children where out of school and we have a sister that drives for an hour to get to class it didn't seem like a wise idea to hold class and risk anyone being in an accident.  So by 8 this morning we cancelled class.  Elder Anthony went to start working on the sidewalks.  i started on the laundry. Our class usually starts at 10:30.  By 11:00 the snow stopped.  It wasn't that bad and it started to warm up.  It is 36 degrees right now so there has been snow melting.  There is no wind.  We just went to the Barlow to get rid of another fridge and it felt so great out.  When did 36 degree weather feel so good you are tempted to go for a walk?  Only after days and days of freezing and wind chill that freezes your bones.

I forgot to mention this week that the other morning we were headed from our condo to the Barlow.  Early in the morning when we cross Pennsylvania Ave it is loaded with cars.  The light changed so we could walk and a car ran the red light and just missed me.  Right behind them was a policeman that went right after them.   You always have to keep your eyes open.

We worked in the Barlow all day on emails, Barlow business, and lessons.  I felt bad not to see our mothers today.  They always inspire me.

Speaking of picking up fridges.  These are not little box fridges.  They measure 24x24x36. Two roommates share them.  A young man came by tonight to get one.  We asked him where he parked his car.  He had asked if he could barrow a hand truck if he brought it back the next day.  We reluctantly said yes.  Then we found out he was going to push it in the hand truck all the way home on the metro.  It is about a half mile to our metro stop and I don't know how far he had when he got off but he said I have prepared by mind and I can do it.  I think they weigh around a hundred pounds.  He said I don't own a car and either to my roommates.  Talking to him he told us that he had been a Barlow intern a couple of years ago.  So he had used one of these fridges when he was out.  I am anxious to see if he did okay when he brings back the hand truck tomorrow.  We used bungee cords and tape to hold it to the hand truck.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mini Fridges

We are trying to get rid of these mini fridges.  I had 14 to get rid of and the first hour on the list serve they were gone.  I have a list of 30 people on the back up list.  When people get right down to coming they find an excuse and back out.  We were there all day so people could come and one person came. We are starting on the back up list.  I hope with 25 people on a back up list that we will really get them out.

Elder Anthony has been working on a proposal with BYU to purchase sheets like the dorms do for the students that come.  They had the responsibility to  bring their own.  Scott wanted us to write up how they would be accounted for.  So I spent a good share of my day writing up and figuring out how we could make the student accountable for the bedding.

Tonight for our Wednesday class we made Lisa's great caramel popcorn.  One young man came up to me after and said Sister Anthony bring that again okay.  He wasn't going to eat any at first and then he couldn't stop and wanted to take some home for his mother.

Our non-member boy is one of our most faithful attenders.  He was waiting on the steps when we arrived tonight.  He does gloving.  He is going to be in a competition this Friday.  You turn off the lights and they have gloves with lights in the fingers and they do these cool moves with their hands.  He did devotional tonight and did gloving to a seminary song.  It was really cool.  I think it is time to get the missionaries to start teaching him.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Historic meeting

We were in a historic meeting today with the mission.  Elder Schwitzer of the seventy and Brother Gonzalez were at the meeting to train the missionaries on the Church's roll out of the use of iPads. Our missionaries have been using iPads as a pilot program.  They will now be required to buy their own pads and they will be trained over several weeks on how to use them to be the most effective missionaries.  They used a prophecy by President Spencer W. Kimball, "The Lord is anxious to put into our hands inventions of which we laymen have hardly had a glimpse."(When the World Will Be Converted, Ensign, Oct. 1974)  He talked about how computers where not even around in 1974 and today the missionaries are having put in their hands a tool to spread the gospel.

These iPads will not be just about the mission but planning and learning throughout your life.  Stake presidents when the missionary gets home will have the missionaries use them as they plan for the next stages of their life.  Satan has gotten a head start on using the internet to deceived people.  It is time for the missionaries to start using the internet for good.  They used the wording at least three time this is a step to help us be prepared for the Lord's second coming.  There will be five layers of filtering.  1.  Personal righteousness and testimony is the biggest filter. 2. the Holy Ghost 3. Missionary rules.  They showed how the rules were already in place to help the elders safeguard this tool 4. Technology filters 5 auditing each other and reporting.  The mission president is able to see what the pads are being used for.  The are training the missionaries to use discipline and monitor how they use these tools so they can avoid the pitfalls that come with internet use. Every mission that is going to have iPads will have to go through this training.

Elder Schwitzer

We went to the temple before our meeting at 9:00 a.m. The meeting was at the stake center right next to the temple.  We did iniatories. The meeting went from 9 to 1:30.  We stopped at Walmart and then headed home.  We were starving when we got home and had emails to answer.  I am still getting request for fridges.  One guy tonight decided he didn't want his.  Which is no problem because I have a list 20 people waiting to get one.  I called the first one on the list and she said her roommate had a big SUV and would pick it up.  She sent the information to the roommate and the roommate called me.  Her name was Athelia Graham.  Talk about a small world.  It was fun to see her.  Athelia was one of Lisa's best friends.  She came right over and picked one up. I finished preparing the food for tonight.  We had nachos.

We taught our class tonight and had a good turn out.  We had a young man come that we are fellowship that has been inactive for many years.  It was so great to see him come.  We left this morning by seven and it is now bedtime 10:30.  It has been a long but great day.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Cold but too busy to worry about it

This morning for our exercise we walked to Bruegger's Bagels.  It was Mike' birthday and our staff meeting this morning so we celebrated his birthday with bagels.  We walked over to pick them up and it was about 37 degrees and very nice for a change. By the time we left for our class on the hill at 11:00 the temperature had dropped and the wind was back and it was freezing again.  It is currently 25 degrees  with the windchill making it feel like 12.  That was tough to take after our nice walk.  We had staff meeting and a meeting with our maintenance lady and we were off to teach.  We only had two students which was really disappointing but the class went well.

The Barlow is switching out all of their room refrigerators which are just small fridges and replacing them with new one.  They still work but they are getting to the replacement stage.  In our meeting we were worried about where we could take them.  I volunteered to see about appliance recycling places. Then I got the idea to have our secretary put free fridges on the list serve. She listed it and within an hour I had 14 people wanting them.  I have spent all afternoon answering emails.  I have a list of 14 people that will take fridges if the original 14 don't want theirs.  I had email coming in faster than I could answer them.  Then I needed to keep everyone straight and start scheduling when they can come and get them.  That has consumed my whole afternoon and evening.  I am still answering emails and text at 9:00 p.m. The deal is they have to be out by Friday.

We went over to Family home evening.  We are trying to get a young man active with the young adults at the Barlow but he didn't make it so we left early.  He is a member of the Presidents guard and is a marine.  He is such a nice guy and just looking for a place to fit in.  He is ready to have the gospel in his life.  We hope to see him tomorrow for institute.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Church Cancelled

Last night Elder Anthony was so pleased.  The sidewalks in front of the Barlow were all clean and the snow was off.  During the night we had freezing rain so this morning it was like an ice arena in DC. They cancelled Church for all wards starting before 12:00.  Ours started at 11:00 so we didn't get to go to Church.  Instead Elder Anthony worked so hard.  He started out trying to break a path through the ice for people to walk on.  It was about an inch and a half thick.  This afternoon we finally warmed up to 45.  That was the time to work and get the rest of the ice off.  He also cleaned off the parking places on the side of the building.  Monday it is not suppose to get above 30 so he knew that it would be the last chance to get the ice up until we got above freezing again

This is the path that was made first thing this morning. 

This is what Elder Anthony cleared once it warmed up to 45 today.  

The snow blower wouldn't work in the hard ice so the parking had to be cleared by using a shovel.  To say the least Elder Anthony destroyed a snow shovel today. 

We have a lot of walk in the front of our building to clear.  

I made breakfast for two the interns that came out to help get some of the ice this morning.  Then we had the next six intern for dinner.  We are up to 85 people we have fed around our table since we arrived, Oct 15.  I cleared some names for the temple and cooked while Elder Anthony dug ice. So it has been a very different Sunday.  

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cold continues

This is like a broken record. The cold continues. It snowed all day today. We took the bus to go get Elder Anthony's suit from the dry cleaners and a few groceries. We have ended up shoveling snow three times today as the city is blanketed with snow.  We were over at the Barlow to help a student that had computer problems. Helped her buy a new one on line. Then we were back because another intern was locked out. Most of the interns went to New York this weekend. They are freezing worse than we are. I did get to do some family search name extractions on line today. Made a new recipe from pintrest for dinner and finished my lesson, and talked to Grandma Larsen so the day was not a total lock down.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Broken records

We broke the temperature record last night.  It hasn't been this cold in 120 years in Washington DC in Feb. We have had four days with highs 22 or lower breaking a record dating to the 1800s. It was 5 degrees this morning.  It beats the 8 degrees that was put on the books back in 1896.  We continue to have wind so the temperature feels much colder.  So what did we do today.  We stayed inside. We worked over at the Barlow until 4 and came home.  Elder Anthony has worked on taxes all evening.

I have been worried about the homeless.  I decided to look up what is happening with them.  I found on the internet that once it hits 15 degrees or below without snow and when it hits 20 degrees or lower when it is snowing that the city announces a cold emergency which allows officials to order homeless people into shelter even when they refuse to go.

Some of our homeless. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Too Cold

Today’s high temperatures — from 16 to 22 — are likely to be the coldest on record for the date at Dulles Airport and might be at BWI (existing records are 28 at Dulles from 1993, and 19 at BWI from 1903). Reagan National Airport, the weather station for the District, has already reached at least 18 degrees today, so it will not have a record cold afternoon (the existing record is 16 from 1903).
But Friday morning’s lows — ranging from around -2 to 7 degrees — seem destined to be record-breaking in the District.We think the District’s low temperature Friday morning (as measured at Reagan National Airport) will probably drop to about 4-7 degrees, which would break the record of 8 degrees Fahrenheit set in 1896 (when temperatures were measured downtown at 24th and M streets). Amazingly, if the District manages to set a record low, it will be the first time it has done so in winter since 1994.Although earlier forecasts suggested the District itself could drop below zero Friday morning (it would have been the first time since 1994), that now seems unlikely as a breeze will mix the air enough to prevent temperatures from truly bottoming out.
But this breeze will make the air actually feel colder. Tonight’s wind chill factor dips as low as -10 to -15.
There is the weather report.  

I tried to get a picture of the Potomac River today was we passed it,  It isn't a great shot out the car window but the picture above and below shows what it looks like. It is solid ice.

I am dressing in so many lays that it takes 5 minutes just to get undressed.  I wore today my support socks with thermo legging and another pair of socks, knee high boots, my slip, skirt,a 32 degree shirt, a turtle neck sweater and a sweater over that.  Then I had my coat, scarf and gloves and the wind went right through you.  I have no desire to be outside right now.  I was grateful to go teach this morning, to work in my warm office at work and to come home and clean and do laundry.  I don't know how our homeless population is surviving.  I pray that they will go inside.  

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It's cold outside

     This morning we arose early and went to the temple.  We don't mind the drive in the morning to much because we are generally going against the traffic.  However, this morning we were particularly concerned about the conditions of the roads.  However, there was no reason to be concerned.  Once we got out of the traffic in Georgetown we moved along well and arrived on time.  We both enjoy the temple because of the quiet that prevails there.  This morning I finished all the family cards that Lisa gave us so we need to have her send us some more.  The rest of the day was spent in the Barlow Center working on lessons and doing the business of the day. 
     Tonight we had the opportunity to teach institute at the DC Young Adult Center.  Every week the attendees change by at least half, and neither half is the same from week to week.  Yet, all of these students have something in common - a real desire to learn the gospel and form a better relationship with their Heavenly Father and with the world around them.  For some of them it seems like the world only intends to do one thing to them - prevent them from improving their lot in life.  I know we told you before, but the building is the most used building in the stake and it is never used on Sunday.  Activities go Monday through Friday and sometimes on Saturdays and include everything from computer classes to institute, to activity nights. 
     The bottom line is that we (Sister Anthony and I) are the ones who are really receiving the blessings.  It is wonderful to have a class so diverse in everything from their race to their gospel understanding.  These are wonderful people who have the simple humility (in most cases) of a child.  Everyone who has retired and is young enough (and even some who think they aren't young enough) need to have an experience like we are having.  It is amazing how much can be done with just a little bit of effort.  You can't believe how badly you are needed. 
     Well, I will cease evangelizing for tonight and just let you know that we are "Living the Dream!"

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow day.

We got snow today.  In fact it was the most we have gotten which was about 6 inches.  School was cancelled and the federal government closed so things were quiet around here.  It was a 4 day vacation because of Presidents Day yesterday.  No one that works at the Barlow came in today but us. We still held our class tonight and we had 10 students. We missed a few of our regular ones.  I think they thought institute was not being held.  We had waffles for refreshments.  Those that came really liked them.

I have a thing lately with spilling waffle dough.  After our dinner with the neighbors I had a big container in the fridge of  left over dough.  I put some things in the fridge and knocked it out and it spilled everywhere.  What a huge mess.  We ended up cleaning up the fridge and the floor and everything in a four foot distance from the fridge.  It actually turned out to be good because I found out the coils on the fridge had not been cleaned and vacuumed in a very long time and they really needed it.  Then tonight I did a recipe with yeast.  We had the dough waiting for after class and when Elder Anthony got to the kitchen it had popped its lid and was running down the counter onto the floor.  It ran between the cabinets but there is no way to get there so some day it may be found.  I was bringing the left over dough home for Thursday's class and picked it up and dropped it in the bag and half of it poured out.  I feel like I have a jinks on me for waffle dough.  Maybe it is the container I am using.

We shoveled snow all morning.  We got the Barlow cleaned up and I started on the front walk where everyone walks.  It was interesting that while I was doing it many people walked by.  Only three girls said thank you of the many that passed.  One guy told me to put salt on it when I finished it was a public walk.  The rest walked by without a word some were irritated that I was in there way some ignored me.  We were teaching of the 10 lepers tonight.  It is true about one in 10 or less said thank you.  Elder Anthony joined me when he finished the back of the Barlow.  Then a guy that was looking to earn money stopped and helped us finish off the last 5 minutes of the job.  I told him that we didn't have any money to pay him that we were just doing it out of the goodness of our heart.  He said that is okay.  So that was really nice of him.  We also helped a van get unstuck.  He couldn't get up to the main street that had been plowed.  I asked if we could help and he said no but after working to get his van going he came back and we helped get him out.

We really didn't want to go out today.  Traffic is bad enough without adding snow.  But the VA messed up a prescription order for Elder Anthony.  They were to have it to him last week and today was his last pill so we had no choice.  When we called they hadn't even mailed it.  So we had to drive over and get it.  To our surprise the traffic was very light, the streets where plowed so we got over and back without any problems.

I didn't think to get a picture earlier before cars had driven in the ally.  

The front is hard to shovel because it is brick.  All the sidewalks around us are brick.  

We pass this building going to Walmart.  We needed to stop there quickly today for fresh strawberries and cream for the waffles.  They had not received their orders because the big trucks had not delivered.  It is frightening to see how fast a grocery story could be emptied if there was an emergency.  They were almost out of milk and a few other supplies.  This old bank which is now a doggy care place at one time was used as an LDS ward house.  

Monday, February 16, 2015

President's Day

Everything was quiet today because of President's Day.  We didn't teach because everyone was on vacation.  It was too cold to go outside today.  It has been bitter cold all day. It started out at 10 degrees this morning with wind so it felt like -3.  It started to snow just as we were leaving the Barlow.  We went over and worked on our lesson for the week.  I had an intern come in and pour our her heart and concerns.  I think she is feeling better about things now.

Family Home Evening was cancelled.  We have student come from other parts of the city and the snow is covering the roads so it is best we all stay home and warm.  This storm is to go all night.  It will cripple this city if it does.
If this keeps up all night we won't be going to the temple tomorrow morning. Sad 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Missionary Sunday

I forget to post yesterday that we got our cookie treats out for Valentines day.  I take a big tray of cookies down to the front desk.  We were walking in yesterday and some lady a complete stranger said those where wonderful cookies.  I got a note today thanking me for the cookies from a lady that lives down the hall and I don't think I have ever seen her.  My friend Carmen who we had for dinner last week sent me a thank you text today.  It is fun to give a surprise.

Today I had a big roast so I decided to invite a couple extra students to eat it.  So we had 8 students for dinner today.  We got up and did everything we could to get the dinner ready before we left for Church.

It was so cold today.  It was 14 this morning with 20 miles an hour wind and a wind chill factor of -8. It was so bitter out.  I noticed Las Vegas was 75 today.  I down loaded a new app for weather on my pad and I can follow all the temperatures I want in different parts of the country.  I put in all of my children's cities so I could see what weather was like where you live.  We own for the coldest today.

I wore so many layers today to stay warm.  Elder Anthony found on line thermo lined leggings for me about three weeks ago.    I wore them today under my skirt with boots, a 32 degree shirt under my turtle neck sweater. I had on a sweater over the turtle neck, hat, gloves, boots,  my coat and scarf and I was nice and toasty except for my face. I am grateful the buses are heated.  Church today was actually nicer with so many layers on.

The  Elders were so busy today at church.  The sisters were told by the mission president not to go out in the cold today.  So it was two Elders and us at church and our missionary committee.  We had 4 non-members in attendance plus a baptism after church today. Plus the people we are fellowshiping.  The missionaries had scheduled to teach two of the non-members during priesthood meeting.  They were going to teach them together but these two guys are so different in where they are at that we convinced them to separate the discussions.  Elder Fuller asked us to be with him and Elder Lim took our mission leader with him.  We got into the discussion and Elder Fuller had to leave to get ready for the baptism and left us.  So we taught a Plan of Salvation lesson.  It ended up going very well and answered a lot of question for this young man.  Elder Anthony left him with this challenge.  He had to decide if he wanted to include Christ in his life or not and then to make the appropriate choices to go forward.  It was more like you decide what you want to do about missionary lessons and church and Christ's teachings.

Right after our discussion we had the baptism.  This is the second one we have had in our ward.  The young man being baptized is a Chinese man that is going to George Washington University.  He is a very bright young man.  He just sparkled after.  We took off for the bus as soon as it ended so we could get home and finish dinner before our guests arrived. I barely made it in time.

We were suppose to go to the visitor center tonight for a fireside.  They call the firesides "why I believe".  A young man that was baptized just before we came was going to tell his conversion story. There was five of us, which included Elder Anthony and I, from the Barlow that was going in our car. The fireside was actually cancelled because of the extreme cold tonight.  The problem here is not the cold as much as the humility and cold.  It would rather rain here than snow and frozen water is ice and it is horrible. I was told today that there were a lot of cars that had slid off of the rode.   In the city they have salted the roads really heavy in hopes of keeping the ice off.  I hope our homeless population is inside.  I didn't see any of them out today.  It wouldn't take long to freeze to death.  

We saw Andrew Glover at church today.  Andrew is from our home ward in Orem.  It was fun to see him.  He is visiting his fiance who is in our ward.  It was a good day.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The National Cathedral

Today some of the senior missionaries met at the National Cathedral to go on a tour.  I have written the facts about the Cathedral.  We got there before 10:00 and we didn't leave until 2:00.  The main group left at 11:30 to go eat lunch but I didn't feel like I had gotten my moneys worth of see the Cathedral so we stayed.

Pictures of the outside:

 You can go up to the seventh floor and look out the windows.  You can see to Virginia, Maryland,  and the national mall with the Washington monument and Lincoln memorial.

We stayed and attended a mass at 12:00.  This is Father Randy who did the mass.  It takes just over 40 minutes.  You can get your church in for the week right while you are there touring.  It was very interesting.

These are all altar back drops for different chapels in the buildings.  They have 11 masses or more per-day in the Cathedral. All the flowers are fresh flowers and are beautifully arranged.

This is the main chapel. 
This is the chapel in the basement that we had mass in.

The stain glass windows are amazing.  They all tell stories or special events in United States history, and Bible stories. 

This is to honor the space walk on the moon.  The white dot in the middle is a moon rock.  

This is the creation window.

Then everywhere there are alcoves of statutes and plackets honoring all kinds historical events.  

This is Woodrow Wilson is buried.
Abraham Lincoln

Jesus as a young child.

This was a hall of flags from each of the states.  It is in the basement.  I ham holding up the flag for Utah.

This is in the floor going into the main chapel.  There is a seal from every state. 

Seal of Utah

Main pulpit.

Statues on the pulpit.

This is a cross made out of the Pentagon that was hit in 9/11

It was a great day and so enjoyable.  After we went for Mexican Food.  We had gone to the Cathedral  by bus.  We stopped and got a few things for dinner on Sunday and then rode the bus home and changed clothes and rode the bus back to the dry cleaners to take in a suit to be cleaned.  We walked home.