The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, February 23, 2015

Cold but too busy to worry about it

This morning for our exercise we walked to Bruegger's Bagels.  It was Mike' birthday and our staff meeting this morning so we celebrated his birthday with bagels.  We walked over to pick them up and it was about 37 degrees and very nice for a change. By the time we left for our class on the hill at 11:00 the temperature had dropped and the wind was back and it was freezing again.  It is currently 25 degrees  with the windchill making it feel like 12.  That was tough to take after our nice walk.  We had staff meeting and a meeting with our maintenance lady and we were off to teach.  We only had two students which was really disappointing but the class went well.

The Barlow is switching out all of their room refrigerators which are just small fridges and replacing them with new one.  They still work but they are getting to the replacement stage.  In our meeting we were worried about where we could take them.  I volunteered to see about appliance recycling places. Then I got the idea to have our secretary put free fridges on the list serve. She listed it and within an hour I had 14 people wanting them.  I have spent all afternoon answering emails.  I have a list of 14 people that will take fridges if the original 14 don't want theirs.  I had email coming in faster than I could answer them.  Then I needed to keep everyone straight and start scheduling when they can come and get them.  That has consumed my whole afternoon and evening.  I am still answering emails and text at 9:00 p.m. The deal is they have to be out by Friday.

We went over to Family home evening.  We are trying to get a young man active with the young adults at the Barlow but he didn't make it so we left early.  He is a member of the Presidents guard and is a marine.  He is such a nice guy and just looking for a place to fit in.  He is ready to have the gospel in his life.  We hope to see him tomorrow for institute.

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  1. Isn't funny when 30 degrees isn't bad? That cold wind really breaks you in and makes you appreciate days without it.