The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Saturday, February 28, 2015


We were to have 3 fridges picked up before noon today.  We waited all morning and one girl picked hers up and the other two called just at the last at the last moment.  I told them we would only be there until 12:30.  I got a call at 12:20 that the last person scheduled to pick up their fridge couldn't make it today.  We got some work done in spite of the waiting.

We normally go to the store in the afternoon on our way home from teaching or the temple.  We made the mistake of going today.  Everyone in Washington is out on Saturday.  It wasn't bad to get out of town but once out it was a mess.  We won't make that mistake again.  I had scheduled to have my hair cut.

We were so glad to get home.  I have been cooking ever since.  We have our last group of Barlow interns coming for dinner tomorrow and then we will take a break.  I made a cheese ball and veg. dip for Tuesday's and Wednesday class.  Monday class will get left over cheese sauce for nachos.  Thursday class will probably get split pea soup.  I am making a big batch because I want to get my freezer cleaned out and I have a ham hock I wanted to get rid of.  After having two large freezer for so many years it is hard to live with a refrigerator freezer.  It is way to small.  But we are thankful for what we have.

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  1. You have been spoiled with so many freezers all these years. :)