The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, February 9, 2015

Regular Monday

Today was just a regular Monday.  Monday always starts with a round table meeting with Brother Cottle.  Our meeting was great.  We got to talk about Elder Hollands talk and scheduling for the coming week.  I got things warmed up for lunch and we were off on the metro to the Longworth building.  We had six students today.  We talked to Bret in the office that has the key to our room. He is new in that office.  We found out he was a graduate from Utah State.  We invited him to the class and at first he made excuses of why he couldn't come.  He left and came back and said I think I can make the class.  It was fun to have a student from Utah State, University of Utah, Southern University, and BYU.  We got back to the Barlow and I got things cleaned up and pans washed.  We got emails answered.

Elder Anthony came home and work on taxes while I got dinner. We headed back to the Barlow for family home evening.  The kids did a great job.  That is a typical Monday of course without the taxes.  Taxes is something the young Elders don't have to worry about.
They picked one of the boys as Mr. Barlow and one was runnery up. 

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