The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rocky start

This morning started off snowing.  It looked like it was going to be another miserable day.  We listened to the radio and they started announcing school closings.  The snow was to go until 12:00 p.m.  Some work places were being offered a late start to work.  It seemed like a day we should cancel our mothers class.  If their other children where out of school and we have a sister that drives for an hour to get to class it didn't seem like a wise idea to hold class and risk anyone being in an accident.  So by 8 this morning we cancelled class.  Elder Anthony went to start working on the sidewalks.  i started on the laundry. Our class usually starts at 10:30.  By 11:00 the snow stopped.  It wasn't that bad and it started to warm up.  It is 36 degrees right now so there has been snow melting.  There is no wind.  We just went to the Barlow to get rid of another fridge and it felt so great out.  When did 36 degree weather feel so good you are tempted to go for a walk?  Only after days and days of freezing and wind chill that freezes your bones.

I forgot to mention this week that the other morning we were headed from our condo to the Barlow.  Early in the morning when we cross Pennsylvania Ave it is loaded with cars.  The light changed so we could walk and a car ran the red light and just missed me.  Right behind them was a policeman that went right after them.   You always have to keep your eyes open.

We worked in the Barlow all day on emails, Barlow business, and lessons.  I felt bad not to see our mothers today.  They always inspire me.

Speaking of picking up fridges.  These are not little box fridges.  They measure 24x24x36. Two roommates share them.  A young man came by tonight to get one.  We asked him where he parked his car.  He had asked if he could barrow a hand truck if he brought it back the next day.  We reluctantly said yes.  Then we found out he was going to push it in the hand truck all the way home on the metro.  It is about a half mile to our metro stop and I don't know how far he had when he got off but he said I have prepared by mind and I can do it.  I think they weigh around a hundred pounds.  He said I don't own a car and either to my roommates.  Talking to him he told us that he had been a Barlow intern a couple of years ago.  So he had used one of these fridges when he was out.  I am anxious to see if he did okay when he brings back the hand truck tomorrow.  We used bungee cords and tape to hold it to the hand truck.

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  1. That's awesome that he has that kind of determination. I am glad you weren't hit by the car!