The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Supper Bowl Sunday

     You may be asking yourself, "Doesn't Elder Anthony know how to spell 'Superbowl?'"  Yes, he does!  But this entry is about just what it is titled, "Supper Bowl Sunday!"  Today we had the opportunity to feed  the five thousand, or at least we (especially Sister Anthony) felt that way  as the day ended.  As I am sure you are aware, today was Fast Sunday.  So, by the time we attended church and got home we were ready to break the fast.  It stands to order then that the interns (and others) that we have over for Sunday dinner were also ready to break the fast and get on with the business of eating.  Today for dinner we fed seven interns and one student.  Ales Whisnot is the co-chair of the Welcome Committee in the DC 2nd Ward. and a student majoring in psychology at George Washington University.   We have been telling him for months that we would have him over for dinner so tonight was the night.  In addition, we had two student interns from the University of Utah along with five Barlow interns.  We have been blessed with some wonderful interns at the Barlow Center but the two from the University of Utah are of the same caliber.  Andrew and Derek are incredible young men.  The opportunity to mix students from other schools, backgrounds, and ethnic groups adds to the richness of our experience here in DC.  In addition, we are trying to teach the lesson that "the Barlow Center" does not say BYU in front.  The sign says, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."  We would like to see it be a melting pot for all honest, truth-seeking people who are willing to work together.  We also want it to be a "Safe Place" for young people in the area.  
      Today at church we had an unusual new member.  Moses is a young man from Salt Lake City.  He is 16 years old and was chosen as 1 of 30 high school students from across the nation to serve in the US Page Program.  Moses attends Brighton High School and, as a Junior, was an All-State football player.  The program he is in is highly regulated and leaves them with very little free time which is good!  These young people wake up at 5AM and take classes until 9AM.  They often work as Pages until late in the evening and then have to do homework.  On Saturdays they go on history excursions.  We will be able to get him out to church on Sunday and we may be able to get him to attend the Friday institute class.  Sister Anthony will be working with our area director and Brighton High School's Seminary Principal to try and get Mosses seminary credit.  Our ward is technically not open to Mosses because he is under 18, however, we will involve him in the ward because the family ward he should attend is not well equipped to handle and support a young man in his situation.  We look forward to working with him.
      We feel a new zeal for missionary work - especially in our ward.  The excitement is building and the members of the missionary committee are working harder, and smarter.   We are grateful to be here and we are "Living the Dream!"

PS.  What was the score of the Superbowl?


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  1. Wow you did have a lot of visitors tonight! That is so neat that Moses is able to have this opportunity in DC. You are doing a great work!