The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The National Cathedral

Today some of the senior missionaries met at the National Cathedral to go on a tour.  I have written the facts about the Cathedral.  We got there before 10:00 and we didn't leave until 2:00.  The main group left at 11:30 to go eat lunch but I didn't feel like I had gotten my moneys worth of see the Cathedral so we stayed.

Pictures of the outside:

 You can go up to the seventh floor and look out the windows.  You can see to Virginia, Maryland,  and the national mall with the Washington monument and Lincoln memorial.

We stayed and attended a mass at 12:00.  This is Father Randy who did the mass.  It takes just over 40 minutes.  You can get your church in for the week right while you are there touring.  It was very interesting.

These are all altar back drops for different chapels in the buildings.  They have 11 masses or more per-day in the Cathedral. All the flowers are fresh flowers and are beautifully arranged.

This is the main chapel. 
This is the chapel in the basement that we had mass in.

The stain glass windows are amazing.  They all tell stories or special events in United States history, and Bible stories. 

This is to honor the space walk on the moon.  The white dot in the middle is a moon rock.  

This is the creation window.

Then everywhere there are alcoves of statutes and plackets honoring all kinds historical events.  

This is Woodrow Wilson is buried.
Abraham Lincoln

Jesus as a young child.

This was a hall of flags from each of the states.  It is in the basement.  I ham holding up the flag for Utah.

This is in the floor going into the main chapel.  There is a seal from every state. 

Seal of Utah

Main pulpit.

Statues on the pulpit.

This is a cross made out of the Pentagon that was hit in 9/11

It was a great day and so enjoyable.  After we went for Mexican Food.  We had gone to the Cathedral  by bus.  We stopped and got a few things for dinner on Sunday and then rode the bus home and changed clothes and rode the bus back to the dry cleaners to take in a suit to be cleaned.  We walked home.  


  1. I just adore that cathedral. You can post pictures of it any time. Wish I could hear Handel's Messiah performed live there someday. I do have a recording of it we bought there when we visited years ago.

  2. What a cool cathedral! It was neat to see the pictures in the stain glass from our history.

  3. This is one of my most favorite buildings in the entire world. So fun seeing your pictures of it and remembering all the beauty. Thank you!