The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Thursday, February 12, 2015


I was determined we were going to be early to teach our Thursday class.  By the time I got things together for the meal we were leaving at our regular time.  Once again Pennsylvania Ave. was so backed up that we spent 12 minutes driving about about 4 blocks.  We just sat and waited in traffic.  It is so crazy sometimes.  It takes us about 15 minutes after we turn the corner to go the rest of the way to Alexandria.  That is so frustrating.  We were barely on time again.  Right after class we had an appointment to get our tires rotated and the emissions done on our car.  It is time to register our car and the state of Utah insisted that we had emissions done on our brand new car.  We made an appointment because we knew we had to sit and wait for the car.  Our appointment was for 1:30.  We arrived a little early and we had to wait almost an hour and a half for the work to be done and it wasn't a huge job.  That was frustrating.  Why do you get an appointment if you still have to wait that long for the work.  We stopped at Costco to pick up a few items.  While we were there we got a call from the AP's that Pres. Cook was coming to the Barlow to give us our temple recommend interviews at 4:30.  We quickly got finished and rushed home.  We got over to the Barlow 15 minutes early.  We got a call from Pres. Cook at 4:30 that he was leaving the temple and would be late.  The temple is an hour away on a good morning.  We came back and finished carrying the groceries to our condo from the basement garage and went back and waited until almost six.  I can't say anything about frustration because our mission president was so nice to come to us and his time so so valuable that we were just grateful.  But I feel like I have spent a lot of time waiting today.

 Elder Anthony and I.  The only difference is that we were in our good clothes. What I really couldn't wait for was to come home tonight and get in my warm pants.  It was soooo cold and windy today. It is 30 degrees outside but the wind is 21 mph and it feels like 18.  That wind just went right through you.  

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