The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Sunday, February 8, 2015

What a lovely day

We went to church today and this evening we had four of our neighbors over for sour dough waffles.  I had taken treats to all my neighbors on Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  At Christmas time three of them came to our door to bring us cookies.  When they came in we were making dinner for one of our interns.  We were having sour dough waffles.  They saw the table set for three and we shared about our sour dough starter.

Let me break here to explain the sour dough starter.  Probably 16 or 17 years ago we were visiting Palmyra.  While visiting the Smith home we noticed in the parking lot a car from California with the license plate Sour Dough.  We love sour dough so we went in and asked whose car that was.  It was a missionary couple there serving from San Francisco.  They were way into sour dough and as we visited them they offered to give us a start.  We drove over to their apartment and they gave us a start.  At the time and I didn't keep the year up but the start was 83 years old.  Which would make it about 100 years old now.  We got a little cooler and put ice in and carried it home.  That was before 9/11 when you couldn't take liquids on board.  We used it for several years.  Then I kind of just left it.  I thought after a year or so without feeding it or taking care of it it would be dead.  I got it out and started it back up again and it was fine.  We left a part of the start at home and I brought in a small cooler a part of the start.  I have used it a couple of time and tonight was its chance to shine for the neighbors.

I told them this story and asked if they would come to our home and try sour dough waffles.  They said yes.  We decided to put it off until January.  We couldn't make a time work in January so this was the first opportunity.  These are wonderful well educated sharp women.  All of them speak at least two languages and Carmen speaks at least three.  They were all willing to speak French but we didn't know another language.  What delightful company.  They loved the sour dough waffles, fruit, and bacon for dinner.
Helen is from Australia.  She has a great British accent. She has a grand piano and is a wonderful pianist.  She speaks French and travels often for her work. She works for the World Health Organization specializing in education.  She just returned from a couple of weeks in France and is leaving again this week to go to the University of Pacific for work.  

Carmen is such a dignified lady.  She brought we tulips they were so perfect because today the temperature was 60.  It was wonderful outside and the flowers give me hope that there is spring ahead.   She speaks at least 3 languages.  She works for the State Department and is an interpreter.  She sits in some really heavy duty meeting.  She has been in Panama and is she is there for meeting with Cuba.   

Sally has worked 45 years with the Justice Department.  She works in the division of called CADA which is with individuals with disabilities.  She will retire in June of this year.  She plans to volunteer to help seniors be able to stay in their homes. Help take them to doctors appointments and meet elder peoples needs.  Sally speaks French.  

Beverly lives across the hall from us.  She just got back two days ago from Africa.  She lived in Africa with the peace core for 10 years in Africa when she was younger.  She now works with the President's Council on International Aids.  She also speaks French.

These women were fascinating to talk to.   I am so glad we got together.  I think we will do this again in the future.  It was a miracle that they were all in town this weekend.  It is hard to find them all here at the same time.  

These are the pretty tulips that Carmen brought to me tonight.  I will have to take a picture when they open. It was so nice today.  I loved feeling the sun and warm.

The Barlow Center is nearly on the campus of George Washington University.  

I am amazed at how many young people we know leave home and come to school far from home and family.  There are some amazing young people.  

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  1. That is awesome that you have befriended those women in your building. You are making a difference there.