The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

CNA Visit

Today was one of those days when we can barely crawl into bed after a huge day.  We went over to the Barlow Center early this morning as we were preparing for a CNA (Capital improvement) meeting today.  It turned out to be that and an inventory check.  We spent the ENTIRE day checking every piece of furniture, equipment, and room in the Barlow Center.  The CNA part of the visit went really well as I think we got everything we asked for - and we had quite a list.  The planned improvements will make the Barlow Center a wonderful place for everyone to come to and enjoy.
Tonight the Elders started a class where they will teach Chinese speakers how to speak English.  They did not have overwhelming success tonight but they will try again next week.  Our  Chinese speaking missionaries are teaching the class. They ended up coming to institute class.

Also, tonight was one of those times when we received a payday from teaching institute.  We have a wonderful young man in our class who is a Marine - not just a Marine - but a member of the President's Honor Guard.  He's the guy that when you see the president getting on his helicopter at the White house and a Marine is standing right next to the door of the helicopter, that's our marine.
Anyway, tonight we were discussing John chapters 11 though 13 and talking about the subject of the resurrection.  To start our class I took a big gamble and asked him to give a devotional thought.  This is a big leap forward for this young man as he is just coming back into activity and he is very reticent about participating and letting his feelings show in any way.  He asked what was involved with giving a devotional thought and I told him that all he had to do was share a scripture with us.  Here is the scripture he shared, John 15:13 "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."   He said that he thought a lot about this scripture while he was in basic training.  We started the lesson and had a good discussion about Jesus raising Lazurus from the dead.  We then moved on to discuss why Christ said he was the resurrection and and what death caused mortals to weep.  As the discussion progressed, he raised his hand and shared a story about a Major in the Marines at whose funeral he was one of the Marine Honor Guards.  He said that a flag had been prepared for each member of the family which totaled four flags.  The honor guard presented the first three flags but could not find the fourth recipient.  Out of no where the crowd parted and a four year old boy came through and received the final flag.  This was the Major's son. We could tell that this was a very difficult thing for him to talk about because his voice cracked several times.  We continued the discussion and I bore my testimony about friends I had lost in Vietnam.  I then turned the time over to my wife and went out to help the Elders get something to eat because they had to leave.  When I returned our Marine was gone so I hurried out the door and found him out front.  He was very emotional and said that he just stepped outside for some air.  I put my arm around him and told him I understood.  I went back in but he did not follow.  Three or four minutes later I received and answered a series of texts.  One in particular I will share with you from him as I close my  part of the blog this evening.  "Plus Marines aren't supposed to have feelings and I felt weak getting watery eyed"
The spirit touches us all in different ways!


  1. The Spirit speaks in many ways. This was a tender story and brings hope that this young man will get in touch with his spiritual self and begin to discover what Christ would have him know.

  2. Great story, brings tears to my eyes too.