The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

First Baptism

Guess what we got in the email today. This baptism has nothing to do with us other than this young lady came to class one time.  But we have been working with Alex.   We do have great hope for him. 

Our dear friends,

We so appreciate all you do and especially for your love for Alex.

So we wanted to share with you what happened at FHE at the DC Young Adult Center Monday night.

At the DC Young Adult Center at 6:00PM, Jevaughna Jackson (she came to one of the early institute classes) who has been coming to the center, had the missionary discussions with Elders Manning and Richman with a member of the Center and one of your interns at the Barlow Center, Davie Runnells, as a member present.  While the elders and Davie were teaching Jevaughna upstairs, we were teaching her 8 year old daughter, Akirra, downstairs.  Jevaughna is totally committed and will be baptized along with Akirra this Sunday March 15 in the DC 3rd Ward.  This will be the first baptism from the DC Young Adult Center!

Then Jevaughna came to FHE and during the lesson she really participated and shared some very spiritual comments which touched Alex who began to ask questions.  We told him that he really needed to hear the missionary discussion and Jevaughna agreed.  After the lesson, during the socializing time, Jordan followed up and talked to Alex about the discussions.  The sister missionaries from the DC 2nd Ward, Sisters Chapman and Lewis, were there and Alex said yes he would like to hear the discussions from the sister missionaries with Jordan there.  Their first lesson will be Monday night at 6:00PM at the Center before Family Home Evening.

We are grateful to you and the great spirit you bring to the Center.  We are blessed to be able to serve with you.


Elder and Sister McKinley
DC Young Adult Center
Washington DC North Mission

That is so exciting that Jevaughna is going to be baptized.  More exciting for us is that Alex is going to take the missionary lessons.  Alex is our most faithful student we have on Wednesdays.  He told the missionaries a couple of time that he wouldn't take the lessons.  But we have been talking to him and teasing him and I guess the time is right.  In fact last week when we left I told Jordon it was time to commit him to take the discussions.  The full time Elders came to class today but he committed on Monday to take the discussions.  This young man will be so blessed by the gospel.  If he accepts it.

We were also told that that our institute class on Tuesday nights has never been attended by so many students.  So that makes us happy.  Hopefully we can maintain that and that the students will feel the spirit and continue to come and bring their friends.   



  1. They just needed time to discover you -- precious assets to the work wherever you go!

  2. You are doing what you set out to do!