The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Home again

I will try and get pictures posted of half our trip tomorrow.  We just got home and it is after 10:00.  It is daily light savings tonight so I am extra ready to go to bed.  We had one of our interns hurt yesterday in a sledding accident.  She fractured her back.  Her room mate and I sat in the hospital alllll day waiting for things to happen so she could be discharged and we could meet up with the rest of the group to come home.  They finally let us out at 6:10 tonight.  We met up with the main group. One of the married interns brought his car so we had transportation.  We wanted to meet the group so he could drive his car home.  I started thinking we were not going to make it out of the hospital and we would have to drive all the way back to Washington late at night.

So I have had a long day of sitting and waiting and Elder Anthony went with the group to learn the ropes.  Next group we take alone to the this two day event because Professor Jacoby is going to his daughters high school graduation.

It is the first time since we came out that we have separated and gone two different direction.  It really seemed strange not to be with my companion.

The three of us at the hospital. 


  1. How awful! It reminds me of when Mike fractured his collar bone sledding.