The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Sunday, March 29, 2015

I am a missionary

One of my very dear friends sent me an email.  When I answered her I made the statement I love being a missionary.  She wrote back and asked me what I loved most.  She got a lot longer answer than I think she probably wanted but this is what I answered.

Here were some of the balls we were trying to balance at home.

Dave's work
Sherrie's work
Work commitments for his job and mine
Financial concerns
Yard work
House upkeep, repairs, and improvements 
Taking care of our stuff i.e. cars, equipment, hassles 
Church callings i.e., Dave's calling, my calling, visiting teaching, home teaching I was Dave's partner
Taking care of mom
Grandma stuff
Family worries and obligations
Extended family stuff
Health, doctors,
Feeling like we are running on a treadmill and going no place fast.

I could go on but you are getting the picture.  You go on a mission and you drop nearly every ball you have been juggling.  You still try and stay connected with your kids and grandchildren with face-time and phone calls but you have only one or two balls. (Lisa's family and Michael's family are coming to see us for a week.)  You have one main ball and you are both working on it together.  It is fulfilling your mission assignment.  Our mission seems to have been made just for us and uses our strengths and challenges our weaknesses.  We are still challenged and growing but we set our own pace.  Sometimes we put in very long days but no one is going to fire us if we choose to slack off for a day.  All the worrying about your stewardship at home are gone because there isn't a thing you can do about it but pray.  Dave and I have been together 24/7 for the past 6 months.  It was hard for about the first 3 months and we found places in our relationship that we had let get out of hand and we had to work on be more understanding and patient with each other.  The success of a mission I think starts with the success of your relationship with your companion.  You can't really do what needs to be done unless both of you are on the same page and are willing to work as one.  The best part of a mission is discovering that you married the perfect person for you, as Dolores always told us.  Not only do you rediscover your relationship but you are able to now work for the success of God's kingdom without distractions.  We have been given the opportunity to pause our life and evaluate what we really treasure.  Every day we wake up and we are excited for the tasks of that day.  We love what we do and working with the people we work with. In our case we love working with the youth.  

I love our young adult ward.  I love singing the hymns with them because they sing them.  I love our fast and testimony meetings because you can't get close to the pulpit to bear your testimony because there is line of people waiting.  I love our classes because our teachers are well prepared and we have great gospel lessons.  

In my note book I wrote down some quotes I loved from different testimonies today.
  • General Conference is like meeting with old friends.  
  • Nephi's catch phrase was nevertheless.  Nevertheless means in spite of that.  Nevertheless I will still do the will of God.  May we have more nevertheless moments in our lives. 
  • Christ doesn't ask us to have a perfect knowledge of Him.  He just asked us to have faith and trust Him.
  • Today is anniversary of Palm Sunday.  I want to stand and praise my God.  Hosanna to the king.
  • If I can't hear His words I can still speak them.  If I can not feel his touch I can still reach out to others.  I am just one voice but so was Christ.  
  • Remember to keep God close.  No matter how far you excel always keep God close because He is the one that has gotten you there. 
  • A village depended on rain for their crops to live.  The village had a drought so the people decided to fast and pray for rain.  They gathered at church to show their faith and the minister started in on the people for having such little faith.  They were surprised because they were fasting and praying and felt that would show God their belief in Him to bring rain.  The minister said if you really had faith you would have brought your umbrellas.  
  • Charity Never Faileth.  As long as we are serving with love or charity are efforts will never fail. 
Those are such great pearls that I gathered up today at church.  They touched my heart and I was grateful to bring them home to savor and ponder upon. 

Andrea is one of our sweet friends that is moving back to Utah on Tuesday.  She has been in our institute class the last two semesters.  We are going to miss her so much and her faithfulness.  Andrea comes from the Philippians.  

We are on the welcoming committee in the ward.  This is part of our committee. 


  1. You look so happy. It's true. There's nothing like a mission to help you bond with your companion and discover what really matters most.

  2. Really like this post. Russ says every time a couple return from a mission they look so much younger and happier. Isn't it great you don't have to worry about transfers and who your new companion is going to be? Glad things are going so well:)

  3. I don't think you and Dad have been with one another 24/7 for this amount of time. Even when all the kids left home, you still went to work. You definitely go to a deeper level of your relationship in these circumstances.