The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Saturday, March 14, 2015

It is Pi day today

 We had a slow start to the day.  We got some thing done that we have put off like Elder Anthony getting his hair cut.  We worked on our lesson for Monday.  We are both really enjoying studying the Gospel of John.  It is a joy to read and study and it is a joy to teach.  Elder Anthony is getting to be a really good teacher.  Our classes are so different that the lesson evolves according to the needs of the class.  

It rained today but we didn't mind.  It was warm and felt so good.  This evening we had a ward activity.  They celebrated Pi day with a pie night.  They had pizza pie, shepherd's pie and every kind of sweet pie you can imagine.  They had a pie eating contest.  I made a banana cream pie.  We ate dinner before we left so we just had desert.  We have been fellowship a marine that is just coming back to the church.  He always looks for Elder Anthony and sits with us.  He is a great young man.

These are the three Elders in the DC 2nd ward.  Elder Fuller, Elder Anthony, and Elder Swenson.  Elder Anthony worked with Elder Swenson's grandpa at BYU.

These are some of our ward's more recent converts.  Gavin is from India.  He is a very special young man.  He is teaching computer classes at the Young Adult Center and helping get people in the inner city skills so they can be hired.  He joined the church 6 to 8 months ago in Florida.  

Colby joined the church two weeks before we came out in Oct.  He has just made the football team for Howard University.  He is speaking this Sunday at the temple visitor center.  Every month they have people speak on why they believe.  He will be just before Senator Hatch.

Tamar joined the church a couple of months ago.  We attended his baptism.  He only has one leg.  I am not sure the whole story about that.  I thought the picture below was great as he talked with his missionary.

Andrea Saleta goes home to Utah at the end of March.  I love this young lady.  She has been a faithful institute student in our class for the past two semester.  She went to George Washington University and is one of my favorite people.

 Jacob our favorite Marine talking to Elder Swenson.

Bishop Young our Bishop in the DC 2nd ward. He is so wonderful with these single adults.


Collin and Ann from the Barlow Center.

David Mitchell a graduate from BYU civil engineering school.  He is employed in the DC area.  He just came to the area about three months ago.  Cassie Cook is a Barlow intern.  Her Dad served a mission with Elder Anthony and she is friends to David Mitchell girl friend in Utah.

Derick is an intern from the University of Utah.  We are going to adopt him.  He is with the Barlow interns all the time.  He comes to FHE on Monday night, our institute class on Tuesday, Brother Cottles institute class on Wednesday and he is with our interns as often as he can.

Derick, McKenzie and Colby

The Pie eating contest.

The winner was Taylor not our beloved Elder Fuller.

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  1. Wow, I am glad you got pictures of the kids you serve. What a great way to celebrate Pi day!