The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, March 2, 2015

Only two fridges left

Out of 20  fridges we are down to 2 left to get rid of and I think I have owners for both of them. Today was the typical Monday. We had inservice  meeting followed by teaching. What was out of the ordinary was the ice. Once again Elder Anthony has trying to dig a path through the ice early this morning before people started arriving at and leaving the Barlow. Ice storms are terrible.  They are so frightening because you can't even walk.  The trees as the sun came up made it feel like it was raining.  Ice had frozen on them and as it melted they would drop big water drops on you.  It was windy today so it was still a little cold but the temperature got up to 41 and there was sunshine.  It felt so good to see and feel the sun.

We came over to the Barlow tonight at 7:00 so the Utah Farm bureau could use the building for family home evening and for planning. They asked if they could stay until 10:00.  Oh well that will be three nights in a row this week we will be working until 10:00. But we do what is required. 

There is about sixty five in our great room tonight. They will be meeting with the senators from Utah trying to get their issues heard. 

This is what the walks looked like today. 

This looks like a street but it is a frozen river.

Last week we got a letter from our home ward with valentines in from the achievement day girls.


  1. what a cute idea for an AD activity. Hope things melt soon!

  2. That is a great Valentine's gift!