The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Monday, March 16, 2015

Senior Missionaries

I was reading an interesting article on the church's web page about seniors missionaries.  Elder Anthony and I are so happy to be counted among those serving at this time. "SALT LAKE CITY — 
In the past two years, more seniors have answered the call to serve full-time missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The influx follows the age change that allowed young men and women to serve at a younger age. As of this week, eight percent, or 6,609 of the 83,471 missionaries currently serving around the world, are seniors (age 40 and older). Before the age change, there were 5,778 senior missionaries serving. The increase in senior missionaries is up a total of 14 percent, according to the Church’s Missionary Department.... In April 2013,Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles mentioned senior missionary service in his general conference address titled “Catch the Wave.” “You senior couples, you plan for the day when you can go on your mission. We will be most grateful for your service,” said Elder Nelson.
Changes for senior missionaries were announced in 2011 such as the length of missions (6 to 23 months) and a cap on housing costs (not to exceed $1,400). These changes made it possible for some Latter-day Saints to serve full-time missions who would not otherwise have the resources."
Today we had a nice experience.  One of our students that only comes occasionally came today.  She said she had to leave early.  But she stayed the whole time.  You could see that she was touched and cried at one point.  After class she came up to us and said I had a horrible weekend and I decided to come to institute today so I could feel the spirit.  Elder Anthony said did you feel the spirit?  Se said yes.  That made our day.  
Tomorrow is St.  Patrick days so we made treats for everyone on our floor.  I made caramel popcorn.  We took some to FHE for the interns.  We made a sandwich bag for everyone on our floor and we will have a big bowl in the lobby tomorrow.  

I made three batches which is 6 cookie sheets full.  


  1. It was nice to talk with you today. You sure prepare a LOT of food. If it opens doors and hearts -- it is worth it.

  2. Thank heavens for senior missionaries. They fulfill a need and previde services and wisdom and experience that only they can do!!!

  3. It's like you are on a cooking mission.