The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

So what is new today?

We were off to the temple by seven this morning.  What was new at the temple?  The temple workers are getting to know us by name.  We printed cards from our own family files for the first time.  We had a bunch of sealings to do.  After we went on a session we did a sealing session.  It was new to work on our own family names.

The weather isn't new.  Our little ray of sunshine was gone.  It was cold.  We had freezing rain this afternoon and tonight.  Freezing rain is really hard to deal with.

I don't know if you can see the shine on the snow.  The snow is capped with a layer of ice.  It makes walking very torturous.

What is new with the fridges?  There are no fridges left.  The last one rolled out the door tonight.  It was a little embarrassing I thought Lori and Lenore were the same person so I promised the last fridge to both of them.  One couldn't come until Thursday night.  The other one came tonight.  She was the winner but it was embarrassing to tell the other not to come on Thursday because I gave her fridge away.    Oh well, first come first served.

We had a great institute class tonight.  We had 11 students.  The majority come from outside of the Barlow.  When we left today at 10:00 a couple of the interns said are you always here this late.  We said the last two nights we have been and tomorrow night we will be this late but we will be up in Columbia Heights.  One thing new today we had a cheeseball and crackers and veg. and dip.  So there was nothing cooked today.  That was new.

I just finished reading "Of Lions, Dragons, and Turkish Delight C.S. Lewis for Latter-day Saints" by S. Michael Wilcox.  That is a great book.  


  1. Going to have to check out that book. I remember freezing rain. I remember branches breaking off the trees because of they were so covered in ice. Be careful!

  2. I will have to read that book by Michael Wilcox. The Lord is just preparing you to come live in Rexburg when you finish your mission.