The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Sunday, March 15, 2015


We left at 11:00 this morning and just walked in at 9:45.  We got home for 25 minutes to grab something to eat but we have been on the run all day.  We had ward conference today so we started church an hour later.  We both enjoyed the extra time to study.  I am trying to get last conference reread before April conference.

I heard in Relief Society the best talk by the Stake Relief Society President on covenants I have ever heard.  She is a lawyer and works on contracts.  I really enjoyed her presentation.  The Lord she said is a softy.  No one gives you so chances to come back and make your covenant binding again.  We had to leave that meeting about 15 early so we could go to the 16th street chapel for a baptism.

This meeting house was completed October 2012.  This is where we went for the baptism.

This ward has to bring in their leadership from outside the area to run this ward.  The baptism was a little bit different from what Utah Mormons are use to.  But I am sure the Lord was pleased with this young mother being willing to be married on Friday and baptized on Sunday along with her 8 year old daughter.  I wonder how some of these people can better their situation.  It is hard when their are not a lot of resources to help them and their families way of life is all that they have known.  There were a couple of little boys that really needed some discipline.  They were everywhere.  It made it hard for you to enjoy the meeting.  I want to give fathers a pat on the back.  These little guys needed a father.  I am reminded of an article September 1998 about elephants.  
PILANESBERG, South Africa — Some teenagers are raising hell in the untamed bush here, tormenting the wild animals and giving tourists a terrible fright.
Such rowdiness may sound typical for adolescents, except these delinquents are running amok in one of South Africa's most popular game reserves. They have killed rhinos. They have charged cars of safari-goers. And to make matters worse, they are elephant-sized--well, to be precise, they are elephants.
"There appears to be a discipline problem among the young elephant bulls," said Douw Grobler, veterinarian at Kruger National Park, where many of the elephants at Pilanesberg once lived. "There is a missing link in the elephant population at Pilanesberg. There is a need for the presence of adult elephant bulls. They act as the disciplinarians."
Pilanesberg National Park is Africa's biggest experiment in man-made nature, and like most things human, there was a margin of error when it was conceived nearly 30 years ago.
Now, as the young elephants begin reaching sexual maturity, the effects of their broken home life are becoming dangerously apparent.
Rebuffed by older elephant cows, some teenage bulls have taken to mating with the white rhinoceros, the largest available pachyderm around. Several rhinos have been killed in the process. Other young bulls are taking out their aggression on people, charging groups of tourists who roam Pilanesberg's unpatrolled dirt roads in private vehicles.
Two years ago, a young bull killed a professional hunter who had been sent to shoot him after an attack on tourists. Earlier, a German businessman was killed when several young bulls attacked his car and he rushed to save his toddler daughter, who had fallen out the window.
No one at Pilanesberg has been killed recently, but authorities are so concerned about the ill-tempered elephants that in March they introduced half a dozen adult bull elephants from Kruger in hopes of sorting things out.
The bulls, all more than 40 years old, should not only impose some fatherly discipline on the upstarts, but zoologists expect that they will delay or shorten the period of sexual belligerence--known as musth--of the young elephants. Some Pilanesberg males have come into sexual heat 10 years earlier than normal, probably because there were no older bulls to serve as sexual role models."
I believe little boys and girls need their Dads.  These children don't know who their Dads are or they are not a part of their lives.  
From the baptism we got home long enough to grab some dinner and pick of three of our students to drive to the temple visitor center for the fireside "Why I Believe".  They have this fireside every month and they introduce new members and a couple of them will bear their testimony and they have another speaker.  Colby who was baptized just before we arrived spoke.  We all went to support him.  He said he had not born his testimony before in Church because he was to intimidated by the congregation.  The visitor center had over 500 people.  He said I should have practiced.  He was great.  The main speaker was Senator Hatch.  Orin Hatch is 81 years old.  He has served seven term in the senate and is the most senior republican in the senate.  He is the President Pro Tempore of the United State Senate (which means he acts in place of the President of the Senate when needed) and chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. 
I thought about Jan several times posting a clip of some of the wonderful musical groups that came into the Jerusalem Center on Sunday evenings. So I decided to take a video clip of this senior senator bearing his testimony.  His secret service man stood at attention.  I was impressed at the great talk he gave.  His scriptures had markings in them and he gave a wonderful talk.  He was forceful and passionate.  He talked about his childhood and his parents.  He was the first to go to college.  BYU gave him a 25.00 scholarship.  He said that meant to him that they had the faith in him that he could become something.  
My favorite part of his talk he quoted his mother.  She said, "There is an election going on every day.  The Lord is voting for you and the devil is voting against you and you cast the deciding vote."  


  1. Great post. I've spent a few moments catching up on your past posts. Is time flying by as fast for you as it seems to be for me??? It is obvious you are providing wonderful service and adding your testimony and faith in building up the kingdom in all the ways you are serving and with the lives you are touching.

  2. That is a really interesting article about the elephants. It's interesting to see what happened to the young bulls without the presence of a "father" figure.