The Journey to Freedom

The Journey to Freedom

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Temple Day

We are getting to know the temple workers on Tuesdays.  The man that checked me in was the same individual that greeted me in the Celestial room.  We have temple workers that tell us when we leave, see you next week.  It is nice to know the workers it adds to the feeling I feel when I am there of being home.

We got to catch up on a few things today when we got back to the Barlow.  We had a meeting with Susanna.  This is an example of our minutes from the meeting today.

Barlow Center Facilities Management Meeting
March 10, 2015

In attendance:  Susana Corado, Sister Anthony, Elder Anthony
The fire alarms on the 3rd floor have been replaced by Susana. 
Susana has purchased new shovels for the Barlow Center.  The shovels we got are commonly referred to as “Coal Shovels,” however, they work well for removing snow.  We have not been able to replace the shovel Elder Anthony ruined because all the hardware stores in the DC area are out.  We will still try to pick up one more new shovel on a season close out. 
Susana has replaced old refrigerators with new.  This job is complete and the old refrigerators have been disposed of according to instructions from Scott Dunaway.  One refrigerator has been kept as a backup in case the failure of one of the new refrigerators.
A new order of key fobs has been received.  They are currently being held by Elder Anthony in anticipation of the next group of interns.
Susana and Elder Anthony added diesel to the generator this past week.  We will continue to add diesel until the tank is full. 

Follow up:
The proposal for bedding for the Barlow Center (Washington Seminar) has been submitted.  In addition, a document was submitted which proposed the process for inventory control of the bedding.  We will wait to see if the final approval will be given or if further revisions need to be made.  When final approval is given Elder Anthony hopes that the purchase can be made through the BYU office in Provo and the bedding can be shipped in time for the spring/summer Washington Seminar program.
Patches and painting of nicks in walls will be completed this week.  Susana will also finish fixing three lights tomorrow by changing ballasts.
Tomorrow, Susana, Sister Anthony, and Elder Anthony will do a walk about looking at high priority items that could be considered as part of the CNA visit on the 23rd and 24th.  This will be reviewed with Jeff prior to the CNA visit. 
Status of components for the door locks is still not clear.  Susana has ordered the components from Baldinos.  We are waiting for delivery of these parts.    
Elder Anthony will do the survey of old and unused equipment in the Barlow Center has been this coming week.  This report should be available for review in time for the EOCC meeting in April 
We are still waiting for a visit by the inspector so that elevator can be recertified. 
We are looking to Jeff for more information on when new locks can be installed.  He has been working on this with all affected parties.

We still have no word on if or when a remodel of the lobby of the Barlow Center will take place. 

That gives you an idea of the things we are involved with for the building.  There are always things that needed to be handled.  

We had our Tuesday class tonight.  We had 13 in attendance.  We taught the bread of life sermon in John 6 so I made homemade bread for munch and mingle.  No one complains about having just homemade bread and peanut butter and jam.  They totally took care of three loaves of bread.  Elder Anthony did some up dates on his lesson tonight before we went over.  To my surprise he had forgotten to put my part of the power point back on.  So I got to teach with just my scriptures.  One time I got his slides mixed up when we merged the two.  So I guess this was my pay back.  

I haven't seen anything or our new roommate.  That little mouse will show up sometime.  Maybe we have offended him and he left.  I am not holding my breath that he has left.  He will make the mistake sometime and show his face.  

Observation:  Washington DC has some of the worst roads I have ever seen.  It is like a game to try and avoid the pot holes in the road and there are some areas that are so bad that you can't avoid them.  Our poor car really takes a beating sometimes.  I drove home from the temple today.  You are watching the other drivers, trying to be in the right lane to make your turns, avoiding pot holes that are sometimes impossible, regular traffic signals, and road work.  It takes two people to keep theirs eyes open to get home.  

This is what you face on some roads around here. Add to this bumper to bumper traffic. They have so many roads that look just like this.   


  1. Don't worry. The sunshine will return and it's hot and humid in DC. Good work with all those housing details.

  2. Those roads do look pretty bad, but I bet with all the ice and snow they have to salt them a lot, making it worse. That sounds like a lot of responsibilities you have.

  3. You've got a lot of work ahead of you!